STEMpedia Quarky Advanced AI Robot Toy Kit for Kids- Best Way to Learn Robotics

Hello friends, recently I bought this new STEMpedia Quarky Kit from Amazon and I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with this one. You know why? Because Quarky offers you the best way to learn robotics and Artificial Intelligence in an interactive and playful manner. Isn’t that exciting?

STEMpedia Quarky Advanced AI Robot Toy kit is the best AI learning companion for kids to explore the world of AI & robotics. This AI Robot Toy Kit is for 7- 14 years kids with mechanical construction & model making, so this kit is just apt for me. As I have previous learnings and knowledge of robotics and coding, it was quite easy to understand but even for beginners this kit is very user friendly. This kit enables to learn Robotics with 50+ Interesting AI & ML Projects. This kit also includes online courses which are enables us to foresee and understand the potential to use this kit to its best.


STEMpedia Quarky Ultimate Kit

Which Kit I Brought and WHY??

While Quarky has different kinds of kit, I bought this ‘Ultimate Kit’ which I can use in building robots, not just one or two but 50 different kinds of robots and activities with just one kit. Vertical pick up robot, self driving robot, obstacle avoiding robot are the ones I am really looking forward to building.

Why is Quarky the Best Learning Companion for Kids?

One Kit Infinite Creations – Quarky is a reconfigurable robo-pal that can be transformed into various kinds of robots like Obstacle Avoider Robot, Self Driving Robot, etc. through Scratch, or Python-based programming.

Programmable with Smartphone & Tab – Program and control all your projects, games, animations, and robots anytime, anywhere through your Smartphone or Tablet or mount your phone on them to make them autonomous.

Just Plug and Start Playing – An intuitive plug-and-play interface that allows you to easily connect common electronic components like sensors, motors, servos, etc. without having to solder them.

Learn Industry-Standard Concepts – Quarky helps you understand widely used artificial intelligence concepts such as machine learning (self-driving cars), face recognition (face unlock), speech recognition (Alexa), etc.

What’s Quarky Loaded With – Technical Specifications

Quarky comes loaded with features that open a world of unmatched possibilities. With its built-in features like an RGB LED display, proximity sensors, servo port, speaker, tactile switches, indicator, generic output-input, etc, kids can take their project-building to a whole another level! It keeps kids and itself protected from short-circuits and related risks and offers a truly wireless experience with seamless Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

STEMpedia Quarky Advanced AI Robot Brain Unit

Kit Specifications

I loved the packing of the product. It comes with templates, a map, a detailed instruction manual, sensors, mounting parts and the reading templates. The materials were divided into two different boxes. Check my video to know what these boxes contained. Watch Video

Ultimate Kit
  • 1 x Quarky Robot
    • 1 x USB Cable – C Type
    • 10 x Recognition Cards
    • 2 x Face Cutouts
    • 2 x Practice Arena
    • 1 x Screwdriver
    • 1 x Getting Started Guide
    • 1 x Battery
  • 2 x Extra Motors with Wheel (for making 4-wheel drive Robots)
  • 20 x Male-Female Jumper Cables
  • 2 x Servo Motors
  • 1 x Ultrasonic Sensor
  • 1 x Set of Nuts, Bolts, and Standoffs
  • 1 x User Manual

Accompanying Courses

  1. Learn AI with Quarky
  2. Robotics & AI Level 1
  3. Robotics & AI Level 2
  4. Learn Python with Quarky
  5. Python for Robotics with Quarky
  6. Advanced Python and AI with Quarky

Check out this kit NOW!

PictoBlox – The Best Block-Based Coding Companion for QUARKY

The best part about this kit is you don’t need a computer to code it, you can code it with your phone using the PictoBlox App which you can download from Playstore. What I liked most is that I do not need to upload to codes every time. I can see the code live in action. Watch my video to understand it better. WATCH VIDEO

Pictoblock Coading Companion for Quarky

Little more about PictoBlox

Kids can learn coding, AI and program their Quarky projects using PictoBlox, which is a state-of-the-art graphical programming application with features that bring hardware-interfacing and AI-learning to your fingertips.

Available across all platforms, from smartphones to laptops, it provides an enriching and fulfilling project-based learning experience through its built-in AI & ML tools. With its Scratch-like user-friendly interface, kids can dive and explore the world of AI, robotics, and programming with ease. PictoBlox also packs a Python IDE, that allows kids a smooth transition from graphical programming to syntax programming while building their very own DIY robots

Quarky Robot

So friends, doesn’t it sound like an amazing kit? If you wish to BUY this STEMpedia Quarky Ultimate Kit, then CLICK HERE.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are the accompanying courses free of cost. And what does it consist of?

The Kit Includes 4 self paced courses (12 modules) with Capstone projects on AI & Robotics. Check out more details HERE.

Is Laptop necessary to code this robot??

No. the best part about this kit is robot can be coded on smartphone as well, making it very handy to use. Check out my video how to use PictoBlox on phone and operate the robot using mobile.

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