LEGO Man Mini Figure with cardboard

I love playing with LEGO. And I want more and more lego mini figures everyday but it is not possible to keep buying these. So, I thought of making my own LEGO MAN mini figure with cardboard. You will enjoy making your own DIY Lego Man. Now, let’s see how to make this.

How to make LEGO Man Mini Figure with Cardboard

DIY Lego Man
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Materials Required:

Follow these simple DIY steps to make Lego Man Mini Figures:

Time needed: 30 minutes.

DIY Lego Man

  1. Shaping body

    Cut 5 cardboard pcs as shown in image below. 3 pcs with extension to join with legs and 2 pcs without extension. Paste all the parts such that pcs with extension are placed in centre.Body part

  2. Shaping Lego Legs

    Cut out 6 pcs of leg shape as shown below using cardboard. Paste all the 3 pcs together to form 2 legs.
    how to make lego

  3. Wrapping and Neat up

    Cut out white strips of paper and wrap it all over the sides of body, arms, legs to give a neat look.

  4. Joining parts

    Insert a tooth pick in each part such that all parts are movable. Cut out extra tooth pick from sides. Refer to video for this step.

  5. Locking

    In order to lock the tooth pick so that the pcs do not fall apart, cut out small circles and stick on the tooth pick. Be very careful while sticking so that the parts do not stick to each other. Otherwise parts will not move.

  6. Attaching Head

    Make a paper roll and stick it on top of body part in centre. Prepare another bigger roll for head such that this roll is able to pass through the previous roll.

  7. Painting and finishing

    Additionally paste small cardboard pcs and on arms to thicken it up. This is optional step. After assembling all the parts, paint it just in Lego man colours. Your very own cardboard Lego Man is ready.
    How to make lego at home

Hurray, your own Lego Man Mini Figure with cardboard is ready. Try making this easy cardboard craft at home. One can make any other character using same technique. Do share your pictures with us on our FACEBOOK GROUP.

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