5 Amazing School Science Project Ideas:

With summer break right around the corner, most kids are eagerly looking forward to the incredible science projects that they are going to build and submit once the schools reopen. But the biggest challenge begins from here. How to source the material that will be required for the project? Where will the parts be available? Will they be compatible with each other?

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Out of all these, here is the guide to put 5 amazing school science projects together.

Solar Car – Solar Science Experiments for Kids are a fun way to teach children about renewable energy sources. Solar Car makes use of solar panels to produce energy which drives your robotic car. These experiments are geared for children ages 10-20 years, but may be adapted for all ages. This kit helps kids learn how solar panel works and gain an understanding of basic electricity generation from Solar energy. The project is for demonstration and informational purposes only. 

Working Principle – Photovoltaic effect

Science Kit for School
How to make Solar Car at home

Hand Generator with Pulley – A magnetic field pulls and pushes electrons in some objects near them to make them move. Metals, like copper, have electrons that are moved easily and can be readily moved from their orbits. If a magnet is moved quickly through /near a coil of copper wire, electrons move and electricity is made. This fun toy works on the principle highlighted above.

Working Principle – Faraday’s laws of electromagnetic induction

Hand Generator with Pulley

DIY Screw Jack – Screw jacks are used to lift, hold and position the load. They are suitable for a variety of applications like lifting moderately heavy weights, such as vehicles. Aim of this experiment is to depict the functioning of a screw jack. These experiments are geared for children ages 10+ years but may be adapted for all ages.

Working Principle –  Mechanical advantage provided by the screw jack

Stem Kit for Kids
Screw Jack

DIY Water Filter – Most water filters quickly run out of chemicals that they use for cleaning the water. Sustainable water filtration DIY kit lets anyone make their own carbon filter from local materials which are easily available. The aim of this experiment is to make this filtration kit.

Working Principle – Filtration

Water Filtration Kit for Kids

Lemon Battery – Turn your kid into a Scientist as he/she discovers how to generate power for LED using lemons. You always use cells to light up your small low voltage bulbs. Have you wondered what kind of a chemical reaction takes place inside the cell or battery to produce this voltage. This DIY Kit shows the underlying principle of the working of a cell.

Working Principle – Oxidation Reaction

Lemon Battery DIY Science Project Experiment Kit

These are Science experimental projects, easy DIY Science Kits for kids. They are working models/ STEM Kits which can be showcased as a school project  for demonstration, can be used by students to understand the concept practically.

These are just a few examples of teaching aids that can be helpful for homeschooling. Ultimately, the choice of teaching aids will depend on the age and interests of the child, as well as the subjects being taught. With the right resources and tools, homeschooling can be a rewarding and effective way to educate children at home.

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