Baal Veer Returns Head Band

Baal Veer is an Indian Super Hero kid who saves the world from the evil forces. Baal Veer Returns is a very popular TV Series among kids in India. Therefore decided to make it with Cardboard at home. Baal Veer this metallic head band which matches with his overall dress and also contains a shiny red stone at the center in the front. This head band compliments the Baal Veer Returns Hammer too…

How to make Baal Veer Head Band with Cardboard

How to make BaalVeer Head Band with Cardboard

Material Required:

Step by Step DIY Process:

Time Needed: 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Step by Step Process to make Baal Veer Head Band with Cardboard:-

  1. Cut all cardboard pieces as per the design

    Cut a large piece of cardboard in the shape of the Head Band
    Cut small pieces of cardboard in the shape of the front design
    Cut small pieces of cardboard in the shape of the side patternshow to make baal veer head band

  2. Paste all cardboard pieces together as per the design

    how to paste cardboard for baal veer head band

  3. Apply a layer of thin tissue paper on the entire band with the help of Fevicol-water mixture. Let it dry.

  4. Paint the head band with Acrylic color

    I painted it in silver color as per the original design

  5. Make the center stone with Aluminium Foil

    Crush the aluminium foil and shape it like the center stone and paint it red

  6. Paste the center stone at its place with Fevicol or Hot Glue Gun

  7. Attach the elastic to the band with the help of Stapler

  8. Head Band is ready.

    Have fun playing with this.

Try making this at home and share your pictures with us on our FACEBOOK GROUP.

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