Iron Man’s Nano Gauntlet DIY

Iron man is a fictional superhero, created by Stan Lee for famous Marvel Comics. The iron man wears armour suit, one crucial part of his outfit is Nano Gauntlet. The Nano Gauntlet is a glove made of nano-technology created by Tony Stark. This formidable infinity gauntlet was able to hold all the six infinity stones from the Thanos Infinity gauntlet in the Avengers Endgame, which further helped Iron man to win the battle against Thanos. Today I will show you how to make the Iron man’s Nano Gauntlet at home with cardboard.

How to make Iron Man Nano Gauntlet from Avengers End Game with Cardboard

Iron Man Nano Gauntlet DIY Cardboard Craft

Material Required:-

Follow these simple steps to make DIY Iron man Nano Gauntlet:-

  1. Take a flexible cardboard piece and fold it in the shape of your finger.
  2. Put the folded piece in your finger and notice the bends on the cardboard and mark them.
  3. Cut the cardboard from the mark, so that you can easily move your finger. Also, make cuts on the top of the cardboard and fold them inwards as shown in the video.
  4. Follow the above steps for the fingers and thumb.
  5. Take a long piece of cardboard and paste the fingers on it.
  6. Put your fingers in the cardboard fingers and wrap the long cardboard piece in the shape of your hand and paste it with the help of cello-tape.
  7. The shape of the hand is ready and now cut a hole on the side of the shape to paste the thumb on it.
  8. After pasting the thumb, you have to paste elastic on the gaps of the joints with the help of stapler and cello-tape. (Take help of your parents)
  9. Take a long piece of flexible cardboard and curve it and paste it in the shape of your arm.
  10. Paste the hand with the cardboard arm, and rough model of your Nano Gauntlet is ready.
  11. Cut the pieces of cardboard and paste it on the base of the model for designing as shown in the video.
  12. Now paste the tissue paper on the model.
  13. Cut the cardboard pieces in the shape of a hollow circle for the infinity stones.
  14. Paint the Nano Gauntlet red and silver as shown above.
  15. Cut a circular piece and paint it yellow and paste it on the palm of the hand.
  16. For infinity stones, take pieces of aluminium foil and crush them in the shape of small balls and paint them in different colors.
  17. Paste them on the hand and your Nano Gauntlet is ready for action.

Hooray! Iron Man Nano Gauntlet is ready and you can use it to defeat Thanos to save the world. Try making this DIY Iron Man Nano Gauntlet at home and share your pictures with us on our FACEBOOK GROUP

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