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repulsor blast

Iron Man Repulsor Blast

By now, you all are well aware of my love for the Super Heroes. I like Iron Man so much that I have already made 8 Iron man crafts. Today I am super excited to share my next Iron Man DIY – Iron Man Repulsor Blast. It is very realistic looking. One can’t tell that it is a DIY. It looks so cool and very simple to make. Do try it out. Let’s see how to make this DIY craft.

Spider Man Iron Spider Legs DIY made with Cardboard

Spiderman- Iron Spider Legs aka Iron Spider Armour is a suit designed and built by Tony Stark for Peter Parker to use it as an Avenger. It was presented to Peter after he prevented Vulture from stealing equipment from a Stark Cargo Plane and its weaponry, including new electroshock blasters in the mechanical spider-legs. I tried making these Iron Spider Legs at home with newspaper and cardboard.

Iron Man Arc Reactor Mark 85 Cardboard Craft DIY

Tony Stark’s Iron Man armors are more than just protective metal suits – these unrivaled feats of engineering transform him into a flying warrior, powered by a unique renewable energy source and armed with state-of-the-art weaponry. Today, I am excited to make the exceptional Life Size Iron Man Mark 85 Arc Reactor as the latest addition to Avengers: Endgame collection. I will show you how to make Iron Man Mark 85 Arc Reactor in simple DIY steps, which you can follow and create one for yourself.

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