Iron Man Repulsor Blast

By now, you all are well aware of my love for the Super Heroes. I like Iron Man so much that I have already made 8 Iron man crafts. Today I am super excited to share my next Iron Man DIY – Iron Man Repulsor Blast. It is very realistic looking. One can’t tell that it is a DIY. It looks so cool and very simple to make. Do try it out. Let’s see how to make this DIY craft.

How to make DIY Iron Man Repulsor Blast

Iron Man Repulsor Blast
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Materials Required:

Follow these simple DIY steps to make Iron Man Repulsor Blast:

Time needed: 30 minutes.

Iron Man Repulsor Blast

  1. Base of the Repulsor Blast:

    Take a foam piece. Cut it into rectangular shape according to the size of your hand. Make a slot in it as shown in the picture below.base of blast

  2. Base for light:

    Take a small circular cardboard piece. Paste it on the foam.base for light

  3. LED lights:

    Take 5 LEDs. Connect each LED with two wires. Then paste them on the cardboard circles with the help of hot glue gun. After that, take another cardboard circle ring and paste it on the LEDs.LED lights

  4. Connecting wires:

    Connect all black wires together and all yellow wires together. Black wires are negative ones and yellow are positive ones.connecting wires

  5. Covering LEDs:

    Take another cardboard ring and paste on the previous one. Then take circle cut out paste butter paper on. Next, on butter paper paste transparent sheet. Paste it on circle ring.covering lights

  6. Outer cover:

    Now, take square cardboard piece. Make slots and circle space as shown. Then, paste the corner slots with each other with help of cello tape. Paste it piece on LED cover.outer cover

  7. Working mechanism:

    First, take a small switch and battery holder. Second, connect them together and paste them as shown. Third, connect black wire of switch with bunch of black wires and red wire with yellow ones.working mechanism

  8. Covering the battery:

    Take another cardboard piece. Paste it on the battery and the wires.battery cover

  9. Wearing mechanism:

    Cover the remaining wires with foam. Then, add velcro at both the ends to wear it. waering mechanism

  10. Final touches:

    Paste tissue paper with help of glue solution on it. After that, paint it. At last add another cardboard ring on LED touches

  11. Repulsor blast:

    Yay! finally your repulsor blast is ready which actually glows. repulsor blast

Hurray, your own Iron Man Repulsor Blast is ready. Try making this cardboard Repulsor Blast at home and share your pictures with us on our  FACEBOOK GROUP.

What other Iron Man crafts can I make?

I have made a compilation video of all my Iron man crafts.

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