Homemade Paint Brush in Just 5 min

I have already made Fevicol, Fevi-stick and even acrylic colours at home. Do check out these videos on my YouTube channel. Now make your own Homemade Paint Brush with this simplest DIY craft idea. Homemade paint brushes are versatile and can be used with any paint colours be it acrylic or water colours. One can make it in any size. Grab few simple things which are readily available at home and make your crafty paint brushes in just 5 min. So lets get started….

How to make homemade Paint Brush with few simple things

DIY Painting Brush

Material Required:

Step by Step Instructions to make Homemade Paint Brush

Time needed: 10 minutes.

Easy Paint Brush DIY

  1. Bristles Making

    To make bristles or hair of the brush, take a broom stick and cut it into desired length as shown below. Collect all bristles together and tie it with a wire tightly so that bristles do not loosen up. Apply fevicol on one end and let it dry. It will look like small broom.
    Homemade Paint Brush

  2. Wrapping foil paper and stick

    Once dried, paste the bristles bunch on a piece of foil paper and also stick a wooden stick with help of hot glue gun.
    Paint Brush DIY

  3. Cutting

    Cut off the extra bristles to give a shape.
    Paint Brush Made at home

  4. Size Variation

    Paint brush is ready. One can make it in any size like I have made it in two sizes
    Paint brush in different size

  5. Painting time

    Paint your favourite picture using these paint brush.
    Painting with homemade Paint brush

Hurry! Try it out and share the pictures of your homemade paint brush with us on our Facebook group.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we make the bristles more thick?

Yes you can make bristles more thick and also can change the shape of the bristle tip as well.

How long will these paint brushes last?

Homemade paint brushes life is dependent upon usage of the brush. Use it gently and wash immediately after use.

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