How to make Thor’s Hammer out of Cardboard

The Thor’s Hammer or Hammer of Thor is an ancient Norse symbol. In Norse mythology, Thor is the god of thunder and his hammer (called Mjölnir) has the power of lightning. … Today, the Hammer is a major symbol for those who follow neo-Norse religions such as Asatru. So today I will make this powderful Thor’s hammer using cardboard.

Thor’s Hammer DIY

Thor’s Hammer using Cardboard

Material Required for Thor’s hammer:

Follow these easy DIY steps to make Thor’s Hammer:

Time needed: 1 hour.

Thor Hammer DIY

  1. Making handle for hammer

    Now take an empty foil paper roll and cut into a small size, you may take the full roll if it is already smaller in size. Next, take a small piece of thermocol and put a small cavity (coin size) hole in it, to place the roll well with the help of a hot glue gun. Now, paste a small piece of cardboard on the thermocol to strengthen the hammer.

  2. Preparing Cardboard Boxes

    Take 2 empty boxes of the same size or take 1 big cardboard box. Few crushed paper balls.
    Carefully cut the empty box in a round shape so that the foil roll can be fixed well, also, do not forget to lock or seal the sides of the box with tape. Now, use the crushed paper balls and put them into the empty boxes to give them weight. Ensure you cover the boxes with tape after you put the crushed paper balls.

  3. Pasting Cardboard boxes and handle

    Next step is to paste both the boxes with each other and paste the thermocol on the sides of the box. To make it more real, paste the small pieces of cardboard, cover all sides of the box and cover the open space of the roll by pasting a round shaped cardboard.

  4. Painting and decoration

    To give it a proper shape of hammer, carefully cut the sides of the thermocol. Now colour your hammer with your favourite colour including the rod. Final step is to decorate the rod with a silver or golden strip, you may use the ribbon as well.

Hurray, your own Thor Hammer is ready for shooting. Try making this Gun at home and share your pictures with us on your  FACEBOOK GROUP.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I make this Shield with Paper?

No. You need to use Cardboard as the shield needs to have the strength.

Can I use Homemade thermocol to make this hammer?

Yes you can certainly use homemade fevicol to make any craft.

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