Baal Veer Returns Shield made with Cardboard

Baal Veer Returns is one of the trending Indian Kid Superhero TV Series. I have already made the Baalveer Head Band, Baal Veer Hammer and even the Nakabposh Mask. I had received many requests to make the Baal Veer Returns Shield and costume. So here it is – hope you like it…

How to make Baal Veer Returns Hand Shield from his costume with Cardboard at home?

Material Required:

Step by Step Instructions to make Baal Veer Returns Shield at home:

Time needed: 1 hour.

Baal Veer Returns Costume

  1. Prepare Cardboard Pieces

    Cut a large cardboard piece in the shape of the shield – as shown in the image below. Make another piece in the same shape as the center piece of the shield.How to make Baal Veer costume

  2. Create the Shape of the Shield

    Invert the 2 thin triangular pieces and paste them to the center piece to create the basic shape of the shield – as shown in the image. After pasting, fold the cardboards a bit to give it a curved shape.baal veer costume shield made at home

  3. Finalize the shape of the Shield

    Paste the other large cut out on top of the center piece. On top – paste a circle and the side cardboard pieces to complete the look and shape of the Baal Veer Shield.How to make Baal Veer Returns costume

  4. Paint the Shield

    You can now paint the entire shield with acrylic colors. We used the same colors as the original Baal Veer Shield – Golden, Black and Red. You can choose any other colors you like. Let the paint dry for few minutes.How to paint the Baal Veer Returns shield

  5. Attach the Logo

    Create a the logo of Baal Veer on a small cardboard piece and paste it at the center of the large circle on the top to complete the look of the Baal Veer Shield.How to make Baal Veer Returns Logo with Cardboard

  6. Create the wearing mechanism

    Attach Velcro to the lower part of the shield so that you can wear it on your hand like Baal Veer! Your shield is now ready to wear and play.How to use Velcro

Try making this at home and share the pictures with us on our FACEBOOK GROUP.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I make this Shield with Paper?

No. You need to use Cardboard as the shield needs to have the strength.

I don’t have Velcro at home, what to do?

You can also use double sided tape to wear the shield on your hand.

Can I use the homemade Fevicol to make this shield?

Yes you can use the homemade Fevicol glue.

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