How to make Baal Veer Returns Nakabposh Mask?

If you love Baal Veer Returns, you must have thought – how to make Baal Veer Returns Nakabposh Mask. Since I had already made the Baal Veer Head Band and Hammer, today I made the Nakabposh Mask.

Nakabposh Mask Made with Paper

Material Required:

Step by step instructions:

Time needed: 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Steps to make Nakabposh mask with Paper

  1. Cut the Papers

    Take 4 A4 size paper sheets and cut them in the shape of the Nakabposh Mask as shown in the TV Serial – Baal Veer Returns.

  2. Create the base

    Paste one paper on a curved vessel to give it the shape of the face.
    Now paste all the other paper cut outs on top of this paper to give it some strength.

  3. Make facial features

    Now use some waste paper or newspaper to create the facial features like eye brows, nose, lips, etc. You can use some cello tape to paste the paper on the mask.

  4. Cover the entire mask with Tissue Paper

    Use Fevicol and Water mixture to cover the entire mask with 1-2 layers of tissue paper. This will give the required strength to the mask and will also give it the curvature required.

  5. Color once dry

    Once the tissue paper have dried up and the mask has become stiff – you can color the entire mask in black color.

  6. Remove the mask from the vessel

    Carefully remove the mask from the vessel using a sharp knife or cutter. Neatly cut out any edges from the eyes or the borders of the mask.

  7. Create the Band

    Use elastics and velcro to make a band for wearing the mask. Make it as per your size.

Baal Veer Nakabposh mask is ready to wear. Try making it today and share your pictures with us on our FACEBOOK GROUP!

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