How to make Iron Man Energy Shield?

If you remember the Avengers End Game movie, there was a small clip of a Holographic Shield used by Iron Man – popularly known as Iron Man Energy Shield Mark 85. I have already made the Iron Man Energy Blade and Energy Sword but I was so inspired with this Energy Shield that I really wanted to make it for myself. I know my shield is not very close the real one, but this is the best I could make. Probably I will try it again some time…

Iron Man Energy Shield from Avengers End Game

Iron Man Shield From Avengers End Game

Material Required:

Step by Step Instructions to make the Iron Man Energy Shield:

Time needed: 3 hours.

Detailed Steps

  1. Prepare Newspaper Sticks to make the frame

    Roll old newspapers into thin and firm rolls/sticks

  2. Prepare the frame for the Iron Man Energy Shield

    Use the newspaper sticks to create the frame of the shield. Use as many sticks required to make the frame sturdy.

  3. Create the center piece

    Use Cardboard pieces to make the center piece of the frame and attach it to the frame with the help of newspaper sticks. (As shown in the video)

  4. Attach the Electric Circuit

    Now create a simple electric circuit with the help of LEDs, 9V Battery and a switch. I connected all LEDs in Parallel and soldered them with my dad’s help. Insert this circuit and fix it safely in the center piece.

  5. Cover the frame

    Use the transparent plastic sheet to cover the frame from both sides. Use hot glue to paste the transparent sheets firmly and neatly. Cut off any excess edges.

  6. Attach the handle to the center piece

    Use another cardboard piece to create the handle for the Energy Shield

The shield is ready to play with. Try making this at home and share your pictures with us on our FACEBOOK GROUP.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I make the Iron Man Energy Shield without Electric Circuits?

Yes definitely. In case you don’t have the electric circuits, you can make this shield without the circuits also. It will be equally fun to play with.

Is this shield sturdy and durable?

Yes. This shield becomes sturdy because of the newspaper frame and the plastic sheets. You can use multiple layers of shields also to make it even more sturdy, if required.

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