Iron Man Arc Reactor Mark 85 Cardboard Craft DIY

Tony Stark’s Iron Man armors are more than just protective metal suits – these unrivaled feats of engineering transform him into a flying warrior, powered by a unique renewable energy source and armed with state-of-the-art weaponry. Today, I am excited to make the exceptional Life Size Iron Man Mark 85 Arc Reactor as the latest addition to Avengers: Endgame collection. I will show you how to make Iron Man Mark 85 Arc Reactor in simple DIY steps, which you can follow and create one for yourself.

How to make Iron Man Mark 85 Arc Reactor with cardboard

Iron Man Arc Reactor Mark 85 made with Cardboard

Material Required:

Step by Step DIY process to make your own Iron Man Arc Reactor:

This DIY process is divided into two parts:
● The Front of Arc
● The Base of Arc

The front of Arc:

  1. Cut the cardboard in the shape of the boundary of Arc.
  2. Cut three isosceles trapezium which will adjoin larger sides of Arc.
  3. Similarly, cut three isosceles trapezium which will adjoin with smaller sides of Arc
  4. Join all the edges with cello tape and tilt the outer edges outwards from cello tape
  5. Stick tissue paper to the cardboard with Fevicol so that it can be painted later.

The Base of Arc:

  1. Again cut the cardboard in the shape of a front arc so that it covers the front arc.
  2. Drill a small hole in cardboard for fixing a bulb through it.
  3. Use a small circuit that comprises a battery, switch, and a small bulb.
  4. Attach the Circuit to one phase of cardboard with the help of glue gun and double Sided
    Tape, attest circuit in a manner so that switch comes at the top of the cardboard.
  5. Fix the bulb in an opposite phase of cardboard.
  6. Take a long sheet of cardboard of minimum 1.5 cm breadth and stick it all at the
    perimeter of circuit keeping the space for switch button open
  7. Cover the switch with cardboard of the same shape but cut the space of cardboard for
    exchanging batteries when needed.

Attaching both Front and Base of Arcs:

  1. Take a transparent plastic sheet and cut it according to the shape of the front of the Arc.
  2. Stick the transparent sheet at the front arc from fevicol.
  3. Paint the transparent sheet with blue acrylic colour.
  4. Cut some shapes from grey paper for providing finishing to the arc. Paste them with
    fevicol in front of the arc.
  5. Join, front and base of the arc with the help of fevicol, glue gun and tape such that,
    transparent sheet sticks up of the bulb.
  6. Cut small zig-zag shaped cardboard and paste them on top of the arc
  7. Stick tissue paper on all the remaining cardboard.
  8. Paint acrylic grey, silver, golden colors on all the remaining tissue to make it an
    attractive piece.

Hooray! Your Iron Man Mark 85 Arc Reactor is ready.

Try making this DIY Iron Man Mark 85 Arc Reactor at home and share your pictures with us on

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