How to make Iron Man Suit with Cardboard for Kids

I always wanted a Iron man suit (Armor). I told my father and he suggested that we should try and make it on our own. We started thinking from scratch and together came up with this unique idea, not only did it help me think creatively, it also helped me understand my first electric circuit to embed the light in the Iron Man Arc Reactor.

Iron Man Armor Made with Cardboard for Kids

Iron Man Suit made with Cardboard for Kids

Material Required:

Step by step process to make the Iron Man Armor with Cardboard:

  1. Take two cardboard pieces and cut it according to the chest size of your child and leave some extra space on both the sides as shown in the picture below
Step 1 – Make the chest piece

2. Take two pieces of cardboard for shoulder (rectangular pieces) , take three pieces in trapezium shaped for fixing chest piece

Step 2 – Take 2 long pieces for shoulders and 3 trapeziums for arc reactor

3. Take a plastic box to create the chest piece of iron man

Step 3 – Take Transparent a Plastic Box for Arc Reactor

4. Connect the battery with the switch and wire (take your elder’s help while doing it)

Step 4 – Make the electric circuit

5. Now try to fix the bulb inside the triangle box and paste the battery on side of the box as shown.

Step 5 – Fix the circuit inside the plastic box

6. Now apply hot glue gun on the plastic box and paste it on the cardboard piece

Step 6 – Paste the plastic box on the cardboard

7. Now paste the trapezium success cardboard piece on the true sides of the triangular plastic box on the chest piece as shown

Step 7 – Paste the Trapezium pieces to form the arc reactor

8. Apply hot glue gun on the shoulder piece and paste it on the two cardboard on one side and similarly do it with the other shoulder piece also on the other side

Step 8 – Join the shoulder pieces to the chest piece

9. Your iron man suit is ready and now color it red and golden as mark 32 iron man suit

Step 9 – Paint the Iron Man Suit Red and Golden

10. Fix the switch of the bulb in the front so you can easily turn it on an off

Step 10 – Paste the button on top to switch the arc reactor on and off

Your Iron Man Mark 32 Armor suit is ready to play. Have fun! Try making this at home and share your pictures with us on our Facebook Group.

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