The Magical Oak Tree
Woodcutter went to the forest

Once there lived a woodcutter. He would bring wood from the forest and sell it in the market. One day, he was about to cut an oak tree when the tree spoke “Take a leaf of mine and sow it”, said the oak tree. The woodcutter did as he was told.

After some days he found a plant. On the top of the plant, there was a little pink flower. In a moment, the flower fell down in his hands. To his astonishment, he found a cute chubby child sleeping in the flower. He named her Belina.

There was a baby girl in the flower
Belina used to make awesome paintings

Belina was a sweet and kind hearted child. Everyone in town loved her. She wanted to become an artist since the age of 3. She made one painting and then one after the other. Her father was impressed by her talent. He thought it’s time for her to meet her real father.

The next day he took her to the forest. “Father what is the reason of coming to this huge forest?”  Belina asked in a confused manner. The wood cutter replied “My child, today we will meet your real father”. “Real father!! Who is my real father” Belina was befuddled*. “Come, let me show you”, he said. The woodcutter stood before the oak tree and said, “Dear friend, open your eyes, your daughter is here”. The oak tree opened his eyes and was elated to see his daughter. Belina was surprised to know the fact that oak tree was her real father. They both hugged each other. (You must be thinking how can a tree hug!!) In an instant, the tree showered pink flowers on Belina. Belina cheered with joy. “You must be hungry” asked the tree. Plenty of fruits appeared out of thin air and Belina along with the woodcutter relished the fresh fruits.

Belina and the woodcutter with the Oak Tree

Thereafter oak tree gave Belina a twig from his branch and said “Daughter, this twig will help you draw your imagination and one day you are sure to become a great artist. “   Since that day Belina drew marvellous paintings using the twig. Her pictures looked real to everyone and it seemed that pictures were talking to the people looking at them. Soon she became the talk of the town. As last 10 years after the twig episode, Belina became a renowned artist and the magical oak tree passed it’s magic through his daughter.

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