The Bet – Mysterious role of Lord Hanuman in Mahabharat

Everyone knows the role played by Hanuman Ji in Ramayan as the loyal devotee to Shree Ram. Lord Hanuman single handedly destroyed the entire Lanka and was without a doubt one of the biggest assets Lord Ram had in the epic battle against Ravan. But very few people are aware of the role played by Lord Hanuman in the battle of Mahabharat!

Yes that is correct – Lord Hanuman had a very important role in the battle of Mahabharat and he supported Arjun all the time. Here is the story of what happened and why he helped Arjun.

One day – Arjun was passing by a jungle when a Monkey on a tree saw him and challenged him. Watch the video below to understand what happened next…

Why was Hanuman there on the flag pole of Arjun’s chariot in Mahabharat

Pls do tell us if you liked this story!

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  • R P Rai Posted August 27, 2020 3:58 pm

    Bhai tum bayblade banao

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