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Kathakaar – the children’s publishing programme at Katha, has been leveraging the power of stories instead of toys to introduce children of all ages to the world of imagination and creativity. Katha’s children’s story books offer ways of exploring the world with the help of interesting visuals and analogies to discuss and debate the issues that touch their lives. Every Katha book is designed to open children’s hearts and minds, and to encourage little people of our world make big differences!

Interesting Story Books for Kids

We got 3 books from Katha for an unbiased review. Sparsh loved each one of these story books and here is what he thinks about these books:

Let’s talk about these story books in detail-

Who Wants Green Fingers Anyway?

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Amma’s plants are the best in the world, or so she thinks. Mud flies, pots break when a challenge is thrown. Appa’s attempt to prove his point leads to well … complete unrest. What’ll it take to restore the peace? Find out, as a little girl shares her funny family saga which is also an eco-tale!

I read this book and found it to be really funny. What adds to the fun element is the nice visuals along with the engaging and descriptive language. Geeta Dharmarajan – the author of the book, has captured this story from our daily lives and you will find it very relatable. You might have even experienced similar situations at your home!

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Ka: The Story Of Garuda

The skies shook, then came rains of fire. Yet Garuda, the big, black eagle, pierced through the walls of heaven to snatch away the soma. He had to. That was the only way he could free his mother. With superb artwork this is a fascinating version, adapted from the original international bestseller.
“Spread out your wings to read the fascinating tale of Garuda, the big black eagle who won the soma from heaven to free his mother.

I read this book and was completely immersed in the story. The author has written this story in the beautiful manner. The visuals are not as attractive as the language of the book itself. Learnt a few good English words from this book too.

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On The Tip Of A Pin Was…

Uncover the mystery of the Amazing Worm, and her incredible wormholes! Hop into this sci-fi tale for a journey you won’t forget. Comes with a note about the science behind wormholes — a valuable resource for environmental studies.

This book is really not about reading but Watching! Technically I believe that this book hasn’t been written by a writer but actually created by an Artist! The words are so beautifully illustrated that it forces the kids to visualize the words in their literal meanings. The book is simply beautiful!

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