Weight Lifting Robot with Quarky

Today I have built up another very interesting Robot using STEMpedia Quarky Ultimate Kit – Weight Lifting Robot. My Robot can easily move forward, backward and even it can rotate 360 degrees. This robot can lift weight from one point and can deliver or place the weight to another point conveniently. Check out the video to know how much weight can my robot pick up. Without further adiew, let’s head over to the tutorial 🙂

To make my Robot more interesting, I have given it look like Guido. Do you remember Guido from Disney Movie Cars. Guido is a little Italian forklift and Luigi’s assistant and best buddy. Guido is my favourite character from movie Cars. Check this first look of the car

Weight Lifting Robot

How to make Self Driving Autonomous Car with Quarky

Weight Lifting Robot Making

As you know I had bought this new STEMpedia Quarky Ultimate Kit and I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with this one. Watch my unboxing video. Have a look at written review of the Kit CLICK HERE .

Stempedia Ultimate Robotics Kit
Unboxing and Review of Quarky

Previously I had created a Robo Dog using this kit which can Dance, play with me. You will thoroughly enjoy this video too. Click How to make Scooby Doo Robo Dog with Quarky

How to make Robot
Make your own robot at home

My second Robot is an Self Driving Autonomous Car which can drive on its own. This is also a very interesting project. Watch Self Driving Car Robot tutorial.

Stempedia robotics kit
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Materials Required:

Follow these simple DIY steps to make Weight Lifting Robot :

Time needed: 30 minutes.

Robot that lifts Weight

  1. Picking Mechanism:

    Firstly, start with making the mechanism which will help in picking up the objects. Make this mechanism using green tools and white pieces as shown below. Attach servo motors.
    Weight lifting Robot

  2. Base of Robot

    Take Quarky and attach 4 wheels and place the battery on back side. Fix the battery using locks.
    Weight Lifting Robot

  3. Combining Quarky and picking mechanism

    Place picking mechanism on Quarky and connect the wires.

  4. Picking Lever Making

    Now in order to lift the basket with object we have made a lever as shown below. Attach the lever to Quarky base.

  5. Body Making

    I have used cardboard pcs to make the body of my weight lifting robot. I have given the shape of Guido – my favorite character from Disney Car movie. Paint the body and place it on the base of the car robot. I have already shared the final look of my robot above.

  6. Coding Quarky

    Connect servo motors with Quarky. Its time to code Quarky using PictoBlox such that the robot can lift the objects, move to the designated point and place the object. I have shown the complete code in the video. Please check out video for details. Now the Robot can move forward, backward and even it can rotate 360 degrees.

  7. Lifting Weight 1

    Its time to test the Robot as to how much weight it can pick up. Lets first start with first 102 gms weight of Fevicol Bottle and basket. Robot was successful with this weight as it could easily lift, move and place the weight.

  8. Lifting Weight 2

    Then Robot was even successful in picking 149 gms battery weight.

  9. Final Weight Lifting Test

    This time my robot tried to pick up 130 gms toy cars weight and it was success but Robot found it little difficult to pick 4 cars weighing 161 gms.

So friends, wasn’t it fun to see how you to make a Weight Lifting Robot and actually see how much weight it can lift. What are you waiting for. Get STEMpedia Quarky Kit and make your own robot. Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and the video too:)

What are components in the Robotics Kit and can we make other robots as well apart from dog and car?

I have already shared blog which describes in details about the STEMpedia Quarky Ultimate Kit. Check out the video HERE. You can make 50+ robots using this kit. I will explore this kit further to make more interesting robots. So stay tuned.

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