Self Driving Car with Quarky | Homemade Autonomous Car

Ever though of making a Self Driving Car for your self at home!! So if this topic interests you then you will surely love my latest creation. All thanks to STEMpedia Quarky Ultimate Kit which made it possible. Without further adiew, let’s head over to the tutorial 🙂

Firstly let’s understand What is Self Driving Car?? Also known as an autonomous vehicle, driver-less car, or robotic car, is a car incorporating vehicular automation which actually means a ground vehicle that is capable of sensing its environment and moving safely with little or no human input. 

With this basic understanding, I have created a self driving autonomous car at home which can sense and move accordingly. Check this first look of the car

Self Driving Car with Quarky

As you know I had bought this new STEMpedia Quarky Ultimate Kit and I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with this one. Watch my unboxing video. Have a look at written review of the Kit CLICK HERE . Previously I had created a Robo Dog using this kit which can Dance, play with me. You will thoroughly enjoy this video too. Click How to make Scooby Doo Robo Dog with Quarky

Stempedia Ultimate Robotics Kit
Unboxing and Review of Quarky
How to make Robot
Make your own robot at home

How to make Self Driving Autonomous Car with Quarky

Self Driving Car
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Materials Required:

Follow these simple DIY steps to make Self Driving Car :

Time needed: 30 minutes.

  1. Base of Robot:

    First, start with Quarky Robot. Remove both wheels and place purple pcs for attaching castor wheels. After attaching the pcs, put the wheels back in place.
    Stempedia Robotics kit base

  2. Placing Battery

    Attach a blue pcs as shown in the video and place battery over there. Also attach servo motors to the base.Stempedia Robotics kit

  3. Car prototype development

    Attach wheels on motor. Place another blue pcs on servo motor and Quarky will look like a car with seat and front. Connect all motors and clean up the wires by wrapping it up neatly.

  4. Ultrasonic sensor

    Connect ultrasonic sensor given in the kit and place it on the car prototype as shown below. This sensor will sense the obstacle and move accordingly.

  5. Body Making

    I have used cardboard pcs to make the body of my self driving car. The body has been made in two parts such that the robot/ car can turn easily. Paint the body and place it on the base of the car robot.
    Quarky Kit

  6. Coding Quarky

    Connect servo motors with Quarky. Its time to code Quarky using PictoBlox such that the car turns once it detects any obstacle. I have shown the complete code in the video. Please check out video for details. Stempedia Robotics kit

  7. Autonomous Car Prototype

    Our self driving car prototype is ready. So enjoy playing with it and unleash other powers of Quarky by experimenting with it. Stempedia robotics kit

So friends, wasn’t it fun to see how you can make your own Self driving autonomous car at home. what are you waiting for. Get STEMpedia Quarky Kit and make your own robot. Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and the video too:)

What are components in the Robotics Kit and can we make other robots as well apart from dog and car?

I have already shared blog which describes in details about the STEMpedia Quarky Ultimate Kit. Check out the video HERE. You can make 50+ robots using this kit. I will explore this kit further to make more interesting robots. So stay tuned.

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