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Want to make your own Scooby Doo Robo Dog with Quarky at home with which you can even play and it does what you want it to do!! Then friends you all will love my today’s creation. I have built up a very interesting Robo dog. I call it “Scooby-Doo Robo Dog” as I love Scooby Doo. My robo dog can dance, move as per my body movements and also can follow my facial expression. It is so much fun to play with Scooby Doo Robo Dog with Quarky. I can operate my robo dog using mobile phone. All thanks to STEMpedia Quarky Ultimate Kit which made it possible. Without further adiew, let’s head over to the tutorial 🙂

STEMpedia Quarky Ultimate Kit

Recently I bought this new STEMpedia Quarky Kit and I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with this one. Watch my unboxing video. Have a look at written review of the Kit CLICK HERE

How to make Scooby Doo Robo Dog with Quarky

Robotic Dog
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Materials Required:

Follow these simple DIY steps to make Robo Dog :

Time needed: 30 minutes.

Robo Dog

  1. Base of Robot:

    First, start with Quarky Robot. Remove both wheels along with castor wheel.

  2. Standing Robot:

    Place the castor wheel on the purple attachment and place it on back of Quarky so that it can stand. Also attach the wheels on the sides.

  3. Robo Body Making:

    Cut cardboard pcs as shown and join the pcs as shown in the video.

  4. Servo motors:

    Take 2 servo motors and paste on both sides of the body.

  5. Making and painting Scooby doo:

    Cut cardboard pcs to make face, hands and tail of dog. Paste the hands of the dog and paint the dog as you want. I have painted my dog just like Scooby Doo. Attach battery to Quarky so that it can be fitted inside the body of dog.

  6. Coding Quarky

    Connect servo motors with Quarky. Its time to code Quarky using PictoBlox such that the face and tail of the Robot moves as we want it to. I have shown in detail how to code Quarky. Please check out the video for details.

  7. Unleashing the Powers:

    We are using Artificial Intelligence to unleash the real power of Quarky like face recognition, movement recognition and voice commands. We have coded Quarky for all these mentioned functions. Watch the video for details. Our Scooby-Doo Robo dog is ready..ENJOY playing with it 🙂

So friends, wasn’t it fun to see how you can make your own Robo dog at home. So what are you waiting for. Get STEMpedia Quarky Kit and make your own robot. Hope you enjoyed 🙂

What are components in the Robotics Kit and can we make other robots as well apart from dog?

I have already shared blog which describes in details about the STEMpedia Quarky Ultimate Kit. Check out the video HERE. You can make 50+ robots using this kit. I will explore this kit further to make more interesting robots. So stay tuned.

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