Avishkaar Box FULL E-Series Kit – Best Robotics Kit for Kids in India

Avishkaar Robotics and Coding Kit- E-Series Robotronics Full Kit, for young students and inventors with 50+ model projects. The kit is suitable for all children of 12+ years but you can also use it at a younger age if you are comfortable. And I started using this kit when I was 5 years old! Since my dad was always there to help me and guide me, I was very comfortable with the kit and it’s components.

This is a complete kit with a Construction set, 4 Motors, 1 Programmable Control Unit & 6 Sensors, and also a free Online Course! BUY IT NOW!

Avishkaar Box – Best Robotics Kit for Kids in India

Product Description – What makes this the Best Robotics Kit

This is a Complete Robotics Kit having all the components of a Robotics Design System including the ability to code and program your own robot! Using this kit, children can create different kinds of basic and advanced robots like home cleaning robot, black line follower, obstacle avoider, humanoids, and many other type of robots or devices. Also, with this kit children will get access to Avishkaar Maker Studio (AMS). AMS utilizes graphical based coding making it pretty easy to write, code and burn programs. Kids can create their own programs and burn them onto the processing unit of the robot to see the robot take real life actions based on the code! With the help of AMS’s block interface, children can easily understand logic building which makes it really easy for them to graduate to other programming languages such as C and Python.

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Kit Specifications

Weight – 5.6 Kg

Dimensions – 350 x 220 x 100 mm

Battery – 7.4 V, 2200 mAh Li-ion battery

Connectivity – WiFi

Motor ports – 4 (4 Motors included in the Kit)

Sensor Ports – 5 (6 Sensors included in the Kit)

Other Parts – 4 Wheels, 1 Remote Controller, 1 Processing Unit (Brain) with charging module

The Full E-Series brain has the following features which make it one of the best choices for all the robotics enthsiasts:

The brain (processing unit) of the Avishkaar Robotics kit
Avishkaar Box Full E Series Robotics Kit Brain Unit
  • Inbuilt LCD Screen
  • Inbuilt Wi-Fi to establish connection with Smart mobile phone or with the same kind of brain.
  • One remote port to connect wired remote provided with the kit.
  • 4 motor port to control motors provided inside the kit box.
  • 5 sensor port to use IR,Touch & Sound sensors provided with the kit. These ports also support Ultrasonic, temperature & color sensor (Not inside the kit)
  • Power button to ON/OFF the brain.
  • Charging port to recharge the battery of brain (Battery & charger are available inside the kit)
  • 2200mAH rechargeable Li-Ion battery.
  • USB Port to program the brain with Avishkaar ROBO G3 software
How to make your first robot with the Avishkaar Robotics Kit

Benefits of using the Avishkaar Box Robotics Kit

  1. Avishkaar also gives an opportunity to participate in the world’s biggest robotics and Coding championship – IRC League, Lifelong membership in an active worldwide community of young builders, robotics enthusiasts, and programmers
  2. Exclusive Access to Avishkaar Maker Studio (AMS), software for block-based coding enabling children to write, code, and burn programs
  3. Comprehensive robotics and coding solution to support – Programming skills for children, Advanced Robotics and mechanical design, Problem-solving, Logic building, and tool handling skills, Avishkaar robotic kits are used in more than 1100 schools by over 50,000 children to learn programming and robotics
  4. Kit can be enhanced with additional movement and assembly kits that are available separately. Also, this kit can be upgraded to a Social Robots series with the SR Upgrade bundle.
  5. All the parts of the kit are available for purchase as independent units and therefore it is really easy to maintain this kit and add and enhance it.

Check out this kit NOW!

Concepts and Skills

The prime motive of this kit is to teach programming with mechanical designing of robotics to the kids. Highlights of the benefit, which can be gained by using this kit are as :

  • Center of gravity
  • Friction
  • Increase and decrease torque
  • Increase and decrease speed
  • Driver & driven gear concept & many more…
  • Programming
  • Mechanical designing
  • Creativity & designing
  • Imagination
  • Problem solving
  • Fine motor skill
  • Hands & Eye coordination and much more..

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best robotics kit for beginners in India?

I have tried many kits of different types from Witblox, Kit4Curious, etc. I personally found Avishkaar robotics kit to be of the best quality and most versatile in terms of applications.

Can we buy the components of the Avishkaar Robotics kit individually without the kit?

Yes. All the components of the Avishkaar Robotics Kit are available for purchase individually on Avishkaar website.

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