Best Robotics Starter Kit for Beginners in India

Children are generally curious and born with an instinct to build and explore things around them – they like to experiment, fail and try again till they succeed. The best way to nurture their curiosity and imagination is by investing in the right toys at the right age. Sparsh recently got this Avishkaar Robotics Starter Kit to start building his own robots and he loves it.

Best Robotics Kit for Beginners in India

What is Inside the Avishkaar Robotics Starter Kit

The kit has 35+ components which can be used to create more than 100 projects. Just open the box and let your creativity go wild!!! The possibilities are truly endless.

Parts included in the Avishkaar Robotics Starter kit
35+ Components in the Avishkaar Robotics Starter Kit

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Benefits of Avishkaar Robotics Starter kit for Kids:

1. Encourages Creativity and experimentation mindset

Kids look at everything with a different perspective. When they look at any object, their curious mind starts exploring the possibilities on how to use or play with an object. Sparsh also loves experimenting with objects – we firmly believe this is the best way to learn. He used the Avishkaar Robotics Starter Kit to make this first sensors driven Follower Robot. You can drive this robot in any direction using ONLY hand gestures. Show both hands to the robot and it moves forward. Show it only the right hand to make it turn right or show it the left hand to make it turn left. It is really very cool.

Hands-on learning is the most effective way to learn anything. It allows students to experiment, learn from their mistakes, and understand the concepts better.

follower robot made using Infra red sensors
Follower Robot with Infra Red Sensors

This kit is very useful to help explain to children on how different types of sensors work. There are 3 different types of sensors included in this kit – Sound Sensors, Infra Red Sensors and Touch Sensors. Since Sparsh got this kit, he has been looking at every thing and wondering how it could be made better and automated with the sensors.

How to use sensors in robots
How to use the sensors with the robotics kit?

Along with nurturing creativity, this robotis kit helps children learn essential skills such as logical thinking, problem-solving etc. which are much more critical in today’s competitive world rather than the theoretical conventional knowledge.

2. Re-usable kit to make more than 100+ projects

Using this kit, the child can build 100+ robots. That means you don’t have to waste a ton of money buying multiple toys that your child will get bored of in just a few hours. The kit will engage with the child as he grows and challenges his mind to build better and better robots. Some of the ideas are shown in the picture below like Boom Barrier, object avoider, wind mill, etc.

Robots idea using Avishkaar Robotics Kit
Some project ideas using Avishkaar Robotics Starter Kit

3. Really simple – No prior coding or robotics experience required

This kit is practically plug and play. A true STEM kit for kids education – create simple structures and control the motors using different sensors with the help of a simplistic brain. The brain also does not need any coding whatsoever.

Technical specifications of the Brain

  • Weight – 86g
  • Dimensions – 101 x 65 x 30 mm
  • Battery – 7.4 V, 2200 mAh Li-ion battery
  • Connectivity – Wired
  • Motor ports – 2
  • Sensor ports – 2
  • Two Mode switches to toggle multiple sensor input modes
How to use the brain for the robotics kit
How to use the simple brain?

4. Access to Expert Videos for FREE with the Avishkaar Robotics Starter Kit

Unlike other kits, Avishkaar kits give you access to expert tutorials that help your child learn how to build robots. All the tutorial videos are available on Avishkaar’s Youtube Channel. You can also join a community of innovators, share creative projects your child builds on the Avishkaar Facebook group, and even win international robotics competitions – Avishkaar’s Robotics League.

Benefits of using the Avishkaar Robotics Kit

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I use this kit, if I have no previous robotics experience?

Yes. This Avishkaar Robotics Starter Kit has been specially designed for Beginners. This could be really the FIRST robotics kit you use in your life and there is absolutely no problem with that. You will be able to use this kit easily.

Do I need to know coding to use this kit?

No. You can start using this kit without any coding knowledge or experience. The modes on the brain can be changed simply by using the manual buttons on the brain. It is really simple to play with.

Where can I buy this kit?

You can buy this kit from Avishkaar Website – https://avishkaar.cc
Use Coupon Code – SPARSH10 for additional 10% discount.

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