Black widow Gun that Shoots Bullets

Agent Natasha Romanoff or Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) continues to carry the Glock 26 pistol as her sidearm. I am going to try to make Black widow Gun or pistol with paper that can shoot paper bullets! Let’s check out if my gun works!!

How to make Black Widow Gun with paper that shoots!!

Black Widow Gun with paper

Material Required:

Follow these easy DIY steps to make Black Widow Gun that shoots

  1. Making Paper Rolls

    Take a rough sheet and make a roll out of it. Take another sheet and make a smaller roll to get fit in the previous roll, ensure that the previous roll is slightly bigger than the second roll for smooth sliding function.

  2. Pasting rolls

    Now cut the roll into small pieces and next step is to paste them diagonally. While pasting the small pieces, ensure the first piece is bigger than the rest of them. Take 2 slim size strips and past them into the corner of the base to make a strong base. Now take 2 more rolls and get them pasted on the top or head of the gun and cover them with the same strip which we placed at the base of the corner, glued them well with the hot gun.

  3. Shooting Mechanism

     Next step is to take a slim size roll, flat the right side of the roll and put a rubber band between the flat side and give a fold, cover the side with white paper with Glue, so that the grip of your rubber band shall stay fixed. Now, the slim size roll should pass through from the second roll of your base and mechanism and stretch the rubber band from back to place it under the first roll of our mechanism. This is how you will create a shooting mechanism.

  4. Cardboard pasting

    Further, take cardboards and cut them into the shape of your gun and paste them on the base “the important thing is – while pasting the cardboard do not put glue on the rubber band” else the shooting mechanism will not work.

  5. Bullet Making

    Now it’s time to make bullets. All you need to do is roll 2 papers together and cut them into small pieces , the way we did It in the first step. The bullet will go into our Gun from the front into the second roll where we have inserted our shooting roll. Stretch the trigger from the back (rubber band) and shoot it.

  6. Finishing of gun

    Final step is to colour your Gun with your favorite colour and your Black Widow Gun is ready for shooting.

Hurray, your own Black Widow Gun is ready for shooting. Try making this Gun at home and share your pictures with us on your  FACEBOOK GROUP.

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