Thor Stormbreaker – Easy DIY Cardboard Craft

Stormbreaker is an enchanted axe used by Thor. It was forged from Uru on Nidavellir, and can summon the Bifrost. Stormbreaker was designed by the dwarves of Nidavellir to be the greatest weapon in Asgard’s history, designed for their king and capable of summoning the Bifrost Bridge on its own. However, it was never forged, and the dwarves had been rendered all but extinct by Thanos.

Today I will make Thor Stormbreaker Hammer from Infinity Wars out of Cardboard and waste newspaper.

How to make Thor Strombreaker with cardboard

Thor’s Strombreaker from Infinity Wars

Material Required:

Material Required:

Follow these easy DIY steps to make Thor’s Strombreaker:

  1. Making paper pipes

    Take a full page of the newspaper and make a roll out of it, repeat the step and make 9-10 slim rolls of newspaper.

  2. Hammer building

    Take a plastic pipe and paste the rolls around it with fevicol.

  3. Cardboard hammer head

    Now take a small box where you can fix the base of the Stormbreaker. To cover the empty space, put waste newspaper and paste them well with a hot glue gun for a stronger base.
    Take another box and cut the edges of the box, diagonally cut the box to reduce the size of the mouth of the box, cut the edges from the side and paste the box with a hot glue gun.
    Now, you need to paste the bigger box on the side of the base with the small box.

  4. Next, you would need the axe shaped 2 small pieces of cardboard and paste them from front with tape. To complete the axe box, you need to cover the sides from different shapes of cardboard. Now repeat the above step, paste the axe box with the small box (one side you will paste the bigger box and other side you will have to attach the axe box).

  5. You are halfway through, now take a newspaper and make 2 rough rolls and paste it around the top of the Stormbreaker.
    Make another slim strip to paste it on the axe shaped box to give a design on it. For smooth structure, paste roughly cut news paper with glue and now paint the hammer and let it get dry.

Hurray, your own Thor’s Stormbreaker is ready. Try making this Gauntlet at home and share your pictures with us on your  FACEBOOK GROUP.

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