Among Us Video Game Characters made with Paper

Among Us is a really popular game among kids these days – I see almost everyone trying to find out who is the Imposter. I think the characters are really cute in their space costumes and hence got the idea – why not make these characters at home with Paper! These are really simple and fun to play with.

Among Us Action Figures made with Paper

How to make Among Us Characters at home?

Among Us Video Game Characters

Material Required:

Step by Step Instructions to make Among Us Characters:

Time needed: 20 minutes.

Really Simple DIY Craft

  1. Make the Basic Shape

    Roll an A4 Size paper into a thin roll – based on how fat you want your characters to be. Cut the height also as per your liking. This will create the base for the Character.How to roll the paper

  2. Make the Head

    Make small cuts on one side of the paper roll and paste these small papers cuts towards the inside to make a round closed end of the paper roll. Try and do it as neatly as you can.Head of the DIY Among Us Character

  3. Make the Legs

    To make the legs of the Character – make cuts in the shape of a “T” on the other side of the paper roll. You will have to make two “T” cuts on diametrically opposite sides. Then roll and paste the paper carefully to make the legs of the Characters. Watch the video to understand better.How to make the legs of a paper figure

  4. Make the Backpack

    Take the empty matchbox and paste it to the back of the Character to complete the body structure.DIY Among Us Character Backpack

  5. Prepare to Paint

    Paste tissue paper on the entire body of the character with the help of Fevicol and Water mixture. This will give strength to the body and will also make it easier to paint. Let it dry for a few minutes.Paper Action Figure

  6. Paint and give finishing touches

    Use acrylic paint of your choice to paint your favorite Among Us Character. You can use some other small pieces of cardboard to give final touches like the eyes visor, etc.DIY among Us action figures

Try making these Cute Among Us Characters at home and share your videos with us on our FACEBOOK GROUP.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Sparsh play Among Us?

Yes, he has just started playing it and is learning, You can watch his first Among Us Gameplay video here.

Can I use my Homemade Fevicol to paste this?

Yes you can. I also used my homemade Fevicol for pasting the tissue paper on the body of the characters.Homemade Fevicol

Can I use my Homemade Acrylic Colors to Color these characters?

Yes you can.How to make Acrylic Paint at home

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