Cardboard Firki made at Home

This Makar Sankranti – are you looking forward to flying kit with your friends? Not sure how to buy kites and Firki from the market? Don’t worry – you can now make both the Kite and Firki at home; Newspaper Kite coupled with Cardboard Firki will be the perfect combination.

How to make a Cardboard Firki or Charkhi at home?

Material Required:

Step by Step Instructions to make your Cardboard Firki:

  1. Preparing Firki handle:

    Take a rough paper and a wooden stick. Paste the stick on the paper and then roll it. Roll this paper roll in another sheet of paper to make it thick.

  2. Making firki circles

    Trace a circle on a piece of cardboard and also trace the circle of paper roll in the centre of it. Cut it out. Cut 4 such circles. Paste 2 circles together to make it strong. Likewise cut 6 small circles and paste 2 circles together to get 2 sets. Leave the other 2 small circles just like it.

  3. Pasting coloured sheets on big circles

    Paste any coloured strip on sides of big circle and a small circle paper on top and bottom side. Make a hole in centre of the paper with help of any pointed pencil or pen.

  4. Making spindle of firki

    Paste the small circles on big ones. Pass the paper roll/ stick through these circles and strengthen it with hot glue gun. Also paste the 2 small circles in centre with a gap in between.

  5. Finishing the spindle

    Paste a paper in the centre to finish the spindle. Use fevicol to paste the paper neatly. Similarly paste paper on the side stick to neaten it up. Decorate with coloured paper as desired.

  6. Rolling kite thread on firki

    Roll the kite thread on the firki and our cardboard firki or charkhi is ready to use.

Hurray, your own cardboard Kirki or Charkhi is ready. This Makar Sakranti, try making this Kirki at home and share your pictures with us on your  FACEBOOK GROUP.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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