Homemade Avengers Badge with Matchbox

If you really love AVENGERS, why not wear this cool Avengers Badge proudly on your T-Shirt. Make this cool badge yourself out of a Matchbox and flaunt it in front of all your friends.

How to make Avengers Badge with Matchbox at home

Matchbox Badge

Material Required:

Step by Step Instructions:

Time needed: 20 minutes.

Avengers Badge DIY Craft

  1. Create the frame

    Cut the empty matchbox cleanly to make the frame of the badgeMake your own badge at home

  2. Make the circuit

    Connect 2 LEDs in parallel connection and make a circuit with Button Cell Holder and Switch. You can use Soldering iron under adult supervision to make the circuit. Insert batteries into the cell holder to check if the circuit is working properly.How to make an electric circuit

  3. Fit the circuit inside the matchbox

    Use hot glue gun to fix all components of the circuit inside the match box. Make sure the switch is aligned properly to the slot cut out for the switch.how to make an LED circuit

  4. Create the Badge Screen

    Take a plain paper and print out an Avengers logo. Cut it out and paste it inside the matchbox frame created in the first step. Then paint the matchbox frame in your favorite colors.Complete the Badge Frame

  5. Assemble the frame

    Put all pieces together – insert the circuit inside the frame and seal it from all sides with the hot glue gun. Attach the safety pin at the back of the badge with the hot glue gun.complete the Avengers Badge

  6. Wear the Badge

    The badge is now ready to wear on your T-Shirt. Wear it and switch it on!Hoe to make Avengers Badge

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I make this badge without the Electric Circuit?

Yes definitely. You can make this badge without the circuit with a plain matchbox.

Can we change the batteries?

Yes you can change the batteries when they are depleted.

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