Homemade Paper Soap Easy

In these pandemic times, the most common and effective advise is to wash hand every now and then. So what better option is to keep a paper soap handy everywhere we go. This gave me idea to make paper soap at home. So friends, check out this very simple DIY hack to make Homemade Paper Soap. Must try it

Paper Soap at Home
How to make paper soap at home

How to make Homemade paper soap

Material Required:

  • Paper Sheet
  • Oil
  • Cotton
  • Tissue Paper
  • Liquid Hand Wash
  • Water
  • Liquid Colour
  • Thick Paper for covering
  • Stapler

Follow these simple step by step instructions to make homemade paper soap:

Paper soap DIY

  1. Preparing paper

    Grease a A4 size paper with oil with help of cotton. Grease both the front and back side of paper to make it translucent.
    Homemade paper soap

  2. Soap Solution

    In a bowl, add good quantity of hand wash, little water and any liquid colour. Mix it well.
    Preparing Soap Solution

  3. Absorbing oil

    With the help of a tissue paper absorb extra oil from the paper. Rub the tissue paper properly on both the sides so that the paper dries up and there is no excess oil.
    Absorbing extra oil

  4. Spreading solution

    With help of cotton, spread the coloured soap solution on the greased paper. Rub the solution on both sides of paper.
    Soapy Paper makin

  5. Making Soap strips

    Let the paper dry completely and then fold the paper in 8 parts. Cut it into pieces.
    Cutting Soap Strips

  6. Covering the strips

    Take cut soap strips and cover it with a thick paper. Staple the strips in it. One can use any coloured sheets for covering.
    How to make soap strips

Soap strips are ready to use. Try it out now and don’t forget to share pictures with us on our Facebook group.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can we use powdered colour if liquid colour is not available?

Yes you can use pinch of powdered colour, however prefer to use liquid colour as it easily dissolves.

Can we use plain paper without oiling?

No. The oil helps the paper to release soap when mixed with water. You can instead use a ready made butter paper to make these soap strips

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