Homemade Tripod Stand for Mobile with Paper

Sharing a very simple way to make tripod stand for mobile at home. This tripod stand can hold a mobile and you can record your DIY videos easily with this, in case you don’t wish to buy those expensive tripod stand. This stand is made using paper and cardboard ONLY. The best part is our homemade tripod can easily move up-down, sideways and all the legs and top portion of tripod are adjustable too. So make your own Tripod with this simple paper craft idea.

How to make Tripod for Smartphone Beginners

Paper Tripod for Mobile

Material Required:

Follow step by step procedure to make Homemade Tripod Stand for Mobile at home:

Mobile Tripod with paper

  1. Tripod Legs Making

    Take a A4 size paper and roll it tightly using a pencil. Take another sheet and place the first roll in it and roll the second sheet over it such that first roll pass through the second roll easily. Mobile Tripod

  2. Joining legs together

    Make holes in both the rolls and make markings as shown below. Join two rolls using screw and nut such that legs can be extended.

  3. Legs Attachment Part

    Cut 4 pieces of cardboard as shown below and make holes in two pieces. Join the pieces using hot glue gun. Mobile paper tripod

  4. Pasting Leg Part attachment

    Join the cardboard attachment with the paper leg using screw and nut. Similarly make 3 such legs.

  5. Base of the Tripod

    Cut a cardboard circle and attach all 3 legs on it using hot glue. The base of the tripod is ready. Make a paper roll and paste it in the centre of the circle as shown below. Base of Tripod made at home

  6. Top part of the tripod

    Prepare 2 more paper rolls as shown below for the top part of the tripod. Make respective holes for joining. Make another paper roll and fold it from the centre. Attach this folded paper roll over the long rolls. This system will enable out tripod to move sidesways as well as top to bottom.

  7. Tripod accessories

    To make tripod handle, make another paper roll and stick in the centre of curved part. To make mobile holder, stick icecream sticks as shown below.
    Movable Tripod made at home

  8. Making Tripod legs stable

    To make tripod legs firm and stable, attach a ribbon across all three legs.

  9. Paper Tripod is ready

    Homemade Tripod is ready for mobile videography. This tripod is completely movable – up down, sideways and adjustable from top to bottom. The legs are extendable too.
    Homemade Paper Tripod

Hurray, your own Homemade Paper Tripod is ready. Try making this Tripod at home and share your pictures with us on our Facebook Group.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can we take Pan shots/ horizontal shots using this tripod??

Yes, Tripod is made in such a way that it can easily move in all directions. The legs and the neck of the tripod are adjustable too to adjust the height.

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