Falcon Red Wing Drone – Really Flies

Redwing is a combat and reconnaissance drone used by Sam Wilson, outfitted into the EXO-7 Falcon. It Redwing is a combat and reconnaissance drone used by Sam Wilson, outfitted into the EXO-7 Falcon. I wanted to build this drone at home and it took a lot of effort and planning. Finally I was able to make it – Special Thanks to Drona Aviation for the AWESOME Big Quad Expansion Drone Kit. Now let’s see how to make your very own drone at home.

How to make Falcon Red Wing Drone at home

Falcon Red Wing Drone
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Material Required:

Follow these simple DIY steps to make Falcon Red Wing Drone at home:

Time needed: 45 minutes.

Falcon Red Wing Drone

  1. Assembling the drone:

    First connect all the four propeller arms. Then add the controller board. drone

  2. Attaching the propellers:

    Take gear and add to the propeller arm. On top now, add propellers. For proper functioning of the drone you have attach A-A propeller and B-B propeller on the opposite sites.drone propellers

  3. Inserting the battery:

    Now, take the battery and insert it bellow the controller board. Then connect all the wires.battery of drone

  4. Connecting with phone:

    You have to install pluto app in your mobile. Then connect the drone with the app and test its working. Attach the camera module on top.connecting drone

  5. Base of Red Wings:

    Attach the wooden sticks with drone as shown in the picture to make the frame.base of wings

  6. Falcon Red Wings:

    Take paper and make the shape as shown. Paint it grey and paste it on the wooden sticks. Add more wooden sticks for the extra support. At last, add canopy cover.red wings drone

  7. Arm Remote:

    Take cardboard piece. Leave space for the mobile. Add velcro to make it get wrapped around your arm.phone base

Hurray, your own Falcon Red Wing Drone is ready. Try making this easy drone which really flies at home and share your pictures with us on our  FACEBOOK GROUP.

Are there any other drones also?

Yes, I had made Flying drone and Avengers Heli Carrier drone.

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