Ninja Nunchucks with Paper

The nunchaku is most widely used in martial arts such as Okinawan kobudō and karate. Its intended use is as a training weapon, since it allows the development of quicker hand movements and improves posture. Modern-day nunchaku can be made from metal, wood, plastic or fiberglass. But we will make our nunchucks with paper for kids to play with. This DIY Paper Nunchucks can be made with minimal materials very easily. Now without a further due let’s see how to make this easy paper weapon.

How to make DIY Ninja Nunchucks with Paper

Ninja Nunchucks
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Materials Required:

Follow these simple DIY steps to make Paper Ninja Nunchucks:

Time needed: 20 minutes.

Paper Ninja Nunchucks

  1. Paper rolls:

    First take a piece of paper and roll it. Paste it at the end to make the roll. Make few more rolls using the technique.paper rolls

  2. Base of handle:

    Now, take one roll and make it flat from the center by applying pressure with fingers. Then simply fold it into half from center. Paste the two halves.base of handle

  3. Structure of handle:

    After that take one more paper roll and make it flat from the center. Take the piece made in second step and apply the fevicol in the center. Now, paste another flattened roll with you just made. Cut the extra part and make it equal.structure of handle

  4. Handle:

    Handle is ready. So, now we cover it with paper. Repeat the steps to make another handle.handle

  5. Chain rings:

    Next, take a small roll of paper. Make it flat by applying pressure with fingers. Then fold it and make a ring shape.rings

  6. Chain:

    Insert the ring shape paper from handle and paste it. Make few more rings and attach them together in same way. nunchucks chain

  7. Nunchucks:

    Now, your nunchucks is almost ready. It’s time to paint it’s handle. For more details I have added a black strip on the handle. You can give details according to your choice.nunchucks

  8. Ninja Nunchucks:

    Finally, ninja nunchucks with paper is ready. Starting playing with your own DIY paper weapon. paper ninja nunchucks

Hurray, your own DIY Ninja Nunchucks is ready. Try making this paper Ninja Nunchucks at home and share your pictures with us on our  FACEBOOK GROUP.

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