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gandhi ji model with paper

Gandhi Ji Model with Paper

On 2nd October we all celebrate Gandhi Jayanti. Happy Birthday Mahatma Gandhi Ji. Lets make it a little unique this year. Why not make कागज़ के गांधीजी ? So, in today we are going to make Gandhi Ji Model with Paper. This is simple and easy DIY Paper Craft which can easily be made at home. Now, without a further due let’s see how to make this model.

paper battle axe

Paper Battle Axe

What can be better than making your own playing weapons easily at home and using minimal materials. In this video tutorial I am going to show you how to make a strong battle axe using A4 paper and some glue. It is really simple and fun to play with. Do try it and share your photos with me. Now without a further due let’s see how to make this simple paper weapon.

batman cap

Batman Cap with Paper

Now a days, it has become a trend to wear a cap. But many times we can’t find one of our choice. So, I decided to make one for myself at home. The best part is you can customize it with your favorite Superhero. Try out this simple DIY Paper Craft at home. I am sure you will LOVE it. I made a Batman Cap. Now let’s see how to make this easy paper craft.

Shang Chi DIY Staff

Shang Chi Staff

Today I am sharing another simple and easy paper craft, Shan Chi Staff. Staff is actually a weapon or stick from latest Marvel movie, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings! In the film, the staff was originally used by the people of Ta Lo. This is a super easy DIY. Do try it out! Now, without a further due let’s see how to make Shang Chi staff with paper.

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