Iron Man Mark 1 Helmet with Paper

All Marvel fans know that the first Iron Man suit Mark 1 was actually made in a cave by hand. Well I love Iron man and I wanted to try making the Iron Man Mark 1 Helmet. The Original Iron Man Helmet DIY is made paper. This is easy to make paper craft idea. Now without a further due let’s see how to make this.

How to make Iron Man Mark 1 Helmet with Paper

Iron Man Mark 1 Helmet
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Materials Required:

Follow these simple DIY steps to make Iron Man Mark 1 Helmet with paper:

Time needed: 30 minutes.

Iron Man Mark 1 Helmet

  1. Base:

    First, take flexible cardboard of your head size. You can adjust it by pasting one or more pieces together.base

  2. Helmet shape:

    Now, make eyes, mouth and design on sides as shown. Then, simply bring it in a round shape and paste it.helmet shape

  3. Helmet top:

    Next, make cuts on top part at a distance and paste them by over laping. Take a small piece of paper. Paste that on middle of the top gap.helmet top

  4. Cover the top:

    Then, cover the top with tissue paper and fevicol solution. Leave it for sometime to get it dry.cover the top

  5. Details:

    Now, its time for some detailing. I have made some paper rolls, strips and gave detailing. You can also do that in same way as shown.details

  6. Paint:

    After that, just paint the helmet made.paint

  7. Final touches:

    At last, you can give final touches like make an outline around eyes, touches

  8. Mark 1 Helmet:

    Yay! Finally your Iron Man Mark 1 Helmet is ready.iron man mark 1 helmet

Hurray, your own Iron Man Mark 1 Helmet is ready. Try making this paper Helmet at home and share your pictures with us on our FACEBOOK GROUP.

Can I make Iron Man simple Helmet?

Yes,you can easily make Iron Man Helmet with cardboard.

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