Avengers Knuckle Knife with Paper

Many of you were requesting me to make easy paper weapon. So I made this easy weapon for my avengers fans. This is Paper Pocket Knuckle Knife and decorated in Avengers style. You can make your own design too and have fun playing with it. Now let’s see how to make this easy paper weapon.

How to make Avengers Knuckle Knife with Paper

Knuckle knife with paper
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Materials Required:

Follow these simple DIY steps to make avengers knuckle knife with paper

Time needed: 15 minutes.

Knuckle Knife with paper

  1. Base:

    First take a plain paper and roll it out. Paste its last end. Next, take any other coloured sheet of paper. Place first roll made in it and roll second sheet on it.base

  2. Knife:

    Now take both the rolls and make them flat. Draw the shape of knife on it as shown. Separate both the parts and cut out the knife.knife

  3. Covering edges:

    Then cover all the edges with cello tape.covering edgees

  4. Strengthening:

    Next to give some strength to the knife, make few thin rolls out of paper. Insert all the rolls in the upper part of knife and then on the other side insert other part of the knife. Paste middle part together.strengthening

  5. Wearing mechanism:

    Now take any coloured sheet and make a thin roll. Make it flat. Turn it into ring. Make four rings repeating same process. Paste it with knife.wearing mechanism

  6. Final touches:

    At last, its time to decorate knife. I have given it avengers touches. You can do it according to your preference.final touches

  7. Knuckle Knife with paper:

    finally your own knuckle knife with paper is ready to play with. Enjoy!knuckle knife

Hurray, your own Knuckle Knife is ready. Try making this Knuckle Knife with paper at home and share your pictures with us on our FACEBOOK GROUP.

Which other paper weapons can be made?

You can make Battle Axe and Ninja Nunchucks easily with paper.

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