Mini Thor Hammers with Erasers

Take a normal eraser, some matchsticks or ice cream sticks and make Thor’s Mjolnir Hammer and Storm breaker Axe. In this build we make our own miniature replica Mjolnir hammer and Storm breaker axe inspired by the full sized one as seen in Infinity war. It’s all built from waste items to create a realistic mini version of the one seen in the movie. Hope you like it. Now let’s see how to make this.

How to make Mini Thor Hammers with Erasers

Mini Thor Hammers
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Materials Required:

Follow these simple DIY steps to make Mini Thor Hammers:

Time needed: 25 minutes.

Mini Thor Hammers

  1. Hammer shape:

    Let’s begin, take a small size eraser, and draw the marking so that you can give a proper shape of hammer, take a cutter to cut the shape of the hammer.base

  2. Space for Hammer Stick:

    Next, you need to make a small hole on the bottom to fix the stick of the hammer.stick

  3. Handle:

    Then, to create the hammer stick, take 4 match sticks, cut their head (black portion), and now paste them together and fix them into the hole with the help of glue.handle

  4. Detailing:

    After that, on top paste a dot size of cardboard to maintain the look of the hammer. Your base is ready now it’s time to paint it. Then, take a dark blue paint for the hammer and brown for the stick.detailing

  5. Thor Hammer:

    Next, once the paint is dry, take a black wool thread and paste it on the thread with the help of Fevicol. Now, your hammer eraser is ready.thor hammer

  6. Stormbreaker:

    Now, let’s make the other Thor hammer in the shape of Stormbreaker. Repeat the first step, take the bigger size of eraser, and create the design of Stormbreaker and make a small hole to paste the stick well.stormbreaker

  7. Base Structure:

    Now, take 2 small ice cream sticks and join them together with Fevicol, glued it well in the hole. Our base structure is ready and now it’s time to paint it.base

  8. Detailing:

    Then, once the paint is dry, take brown wool thread and paste it well on the stick as well as on the head of the Stormbreaker.detailing

  9. Final touches:

    Final step is to make the design with white paint and now it’s show time.thor stormbreaker

  10. Thor Hammer and Stormbreaker:

    Yay! Finally both the mini crafts are ready.thor hammers

Hurray, your own Mini Thor Hammers are ready. Try making this Mini Thor Hammers at home and share your pictures with us on our FACEBOOK GROUP.

Can I make original Thor Hammer and Storm Breaker?

Yes, I have shown tutorial of Thor Hammer and Storm Breaker also.

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