DIY Avengers Bookend

Avengers bookend is an exciting craft and a must try for all. Made with cardboard, this craft is easy to follow and is very practical to use. This bookend helps you organize your books in the neatest way possible. Having Avengers pictures don the bookend, this bookend becomes a marvellous piece to keep at home.

How to make an Avenger’s Bookend at Home?

DIY Avenger’s Bookend
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Materials Required:

Follow these simple DIY steps to make Avengers Bookend DIY:

Time needed: 20 minutes.

Avengers Bookend made at home

  1. Cut Outs:

    Cut 3 pieces of cardboard
    avengers bookend

  2. Create Bookends

    Paste the two pieces of cardboard as show in the video using glue. This assembly should be able to stand. Cut strips of paper. Using glue paste the paper strips on the open edges. avengers bookend

  3. Paste Printout

    Paste the Avengers printout on the larger cardboard piece. If you wish, you may add any other picture or create a design of your choice. Similarly, prepare the other side of the bookend.avengers booked

  4. Connecting Mechanism:

    To make the connecting mechanism, use ice-cream sticks. Punch 3 equidistant holes in the ice-cream sticks. Take 2 ice-cream sticks and join them in a cross using screw and nuts. Join the other two ice-cream sticks similarly. Now, using screws, join these two ice-cream crosses avengers bookend

  5. Last Assembly:

    Attach the mechanism to the bookends using screws.
    avengers Bookend

  6. Bookend is Ready

    And your DIY Avenger’s Bookend is readyDIY Avengers Bookend

Hurray, your own DIY Avengers Bookend is ready. Try making this easy cardboard DIY at home and share your pictures with us on our FACEBOOK GROUP.

What are the other Avenger Crafts you can create with cardboard?

Thor Hammer, Captain America Shield, Iron Man Mask, Hulk Hammer and many other cardboard crafts are possible.

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