Peppa Pig Car

Peppa Pig is a hot favorite among kids. The cartoon series is loved by one and all and has truly impacted young minds positively. Here we bring you a DIY Peppa Pig Car craft, that you can make at home and enjoy playing with it.

How to make an Peppa Pig Car at Home?

DIY Peppa Pig Car
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Materials Required:

Follow these simple DIY steps to make Peppa Pig Car DIY:

Time needed: 20 minutes.

Peppa Pig Car made at home

  1. Cut Outs:

    Cut the base of the car from a carboard leaving space for wheels.
    Peppa Pig Car

  2. Create Wheel Sets

    Take 4 bottle caps and make holes in the centre of the caps. Increase the size of the holes using scissors. Make a 3 inch long paper roll and insert it into the holes of the bottle cap. Make another paper roll slight smaller and insert it over the thinner paper roll. Now fix the other bottle cap on the other side. Similarly make another set of wheels.

  3. Paste Wheel Sets

    Paste the wheel sets on the cardboard car base using glue gun.

  4. Assembling the Car:

    Cut a cardboard piece to make the side of the car and paste it using glue gun.Peppa Pig Car

  5. Car Seats:

    Cut a square from cardboard and fold it at two places as shown. Paste it on the base of the car to make a car seat. Similarly, make another seat. Now paste the other side of the car.
    Peppa Pig Car

  6. Front & Back:

    Cut two more squares from cardboard for making the front and back of the car. Paste them to the car base using glue gun.Peppa Pig Car

  7. Add Details

    Now add the details – windshields, headlights, arches made with cardboard cut outs. Paint the car with the colors of your choice.Peppa Pig Car

  8. Peppa Pig Car is Ready

    Look how stunning this red Peppa Pig Car looks. Peppa Pig Car

Hurray, your own Peppa Pig Car is ready. Try making this easy cardboard DIY at home and share your pictures with us on our FACEBOOK GROUP.

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