Make Your Favorite Superhero Vehicles at Home – Avengers Paper Cars

Hi guys..welcome back to another DIY blog post. Today we are going to try something very fascinating and yet super simple. The most Unique Custom Cars are ones made using only recycled waste material. I have made 3 DIY Avengers Paper Cars using trouble-free recyclable materials available at home. I made these awesome vehicles based on my favourite Avengers – Iron man, Captain America, and The Hulk! These Cars look stunning and using this concept, you can to customize your own toy automobiles!! Imagine, The Hawkeye’s Roadster, Thor’s Thunder Breaker, Black Panther’s Vibranium Lash, etc!!!

So let’s see how we made these cars 🙂

How to make Avengers Paper Cars at Home?

DIY Avengers Paper Cars

Before sharing how I made these cars, let me first begin with Why did I make it, a little background behind the making of these cars. Do you remember I had first made Mclaren P1 with paper. Check out the blog post to know more. I had gifted that car to Sunny uncle, owner of Auto Best Emporio, owner of best Pre-Owned Luxury Cars in Delhi NCR.

The car looked fabulous there but with time, the car got damaged and I refurbished the same car to give brand new look. Check out how I did that here. I gifted this Mclaren to Sunny and Honey uncle at  @AutoBestEmperio  . They were very excited and happy to see the results.

Few days back I got a call from Sunny uncle asking to make something new for the showroom. So I thought of making not one but three cars , that too Avengers cars. I was really excited to work on this project. The outcome was amazing as you can already see. Now let’s head back to the making of these fabulous cars

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Materials Required:

Follow these simple DIY steps to make Avengers Cars:

Download basic car template from here. Take printouts on thick ivory paper and cut it out. Fold the template and paste it.

Make 3 or more cars as needed. I want to make 3 Avengers cars so made three as shown below

For Iron man car, make paper accessories like rear fenders, spare wheels, spoiler and guns. Paste these parts on one of the car. One can also attach more parts if desired.

For Captain America car, make another set of paper accessories like turbo charge engine, wheels and wheel arcs, spoiler too.

For Hulk car, make a paper roll namely snorkel and insert as shown in video. To give masculine look like Hulk, add big monster trucks tyres and huge sized suspensions.

After adding all the accessories, paint all the 3 cars in the respective colours.

To give final look, paste logos of 3 Avengers on each car.

Hurray, your own Avengers Turbo Team is ready.Try making these easy DIY at home and share your pictures with us on our FACEBOOK GROUP.

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