How to make Cardboard Racing Track for Toy Cars?

I love playing with Hot Wheels Cars and racing them. I even made my own Hot Wheels Monster Truck with Cardboard. So this time I thought of making this cool Cardboard Racing Track for racing all my hot wheel cars including my own Monster Truck. The best part of this racing track set is that you can launch all the cars at the same time and have a fair race!

Cardboard Racing Track Set for Hot Wheels Toy Cars

Material Required:

Step by step instructions to make Cardboard Racing Track:

Time needed: 1 hour.

Simple DIY Cardboard Racing Track Set for Hot Wheels Toy Cars

  1. Cut the cardboard pieces

    You will need to cut multiple types and sizes of cardboard pieces for the ramp, stand, sidewalls, etc. Longer the ramp, faster the cars will run.

  2. Create the top ramp

    Arrange and paste the cardboard legs to the cardboard ramp to make the top half of the ramp. Use the thin cardboard strips to make the sidewalls of the tracks. I made it wide enough to race 3 cars at the same time. Refer the Youtube video to see how to paste the pieces together.

  3. Create the lower ramp

    Like the top ramp, make the lower part of the ramp as well. I deliberately kept a gap in the two ramp heights because I wanted my toy cars to jump from the top ramp to the lower ramp. It will only add to the overall fun of racing.

  4. Make the launch mechanism

    Take a large cardboard piece and cut a square at the center. Make a thin paper roll and then a thick paper roll through which the thin paper roll can pass through easily, Attach the thin paper roll across the square cut out of the large cardboard piece.
    Now attach a thin cardboard strip on the thick roll in a manner to make a lever and attach another cardboard piece at the end of the lever to make the launch gate for the cars.
    Refer Youtube video to understand this assembly.

  5. Put it all together

    Now attach the launch mechanism at the back of the top ramp. And position the lower ramp next to the top ramp.

  6. Decorate and you are ready to RACE!

    You can decorate your racing track set with stickers, sketch pens or any colors you like.

Try making this Hot Wheels Track set at home and share your pictures with us on our FACEBOOK GROUP!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I race any toy cars on this Cardboard Racing Track?

Yes, any kind of toy cars can race on this track.

Can I make this Track Set with Paper?

No. You need to use the right material to make this track set. Pls get some cardboard.

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