PUBG/ Free Fire Smoke Grenade DIY Craft

Love playing PUBG or Free Fire Games? Then you must have surely seen Smoke Grenade. Smoke grenades are actually a throwable device packed with certain chemical mixture, typically used for signaling. The chemicals mix with air to create a smoke screen that temporarily removes battlefield awareness. So I thought of making these smoke grenade with cardboard at home. Try making this Smoke Grenade at home! But please make this under adult supervision…

How to make Smoke Grenade at home with Cardboard

How to make a PUBG Smoke Grenade at home

Material Required:

  • Match box
  • Plastic Ball
  • Cardboard Roll + cardboard
  • Ice cream stick
  • Tic Tac
  • Candle wax
  • Scissors
  • Cutter
  • Tape

Step by Step Instruction:

Smoke Grenade DIY

  1. Matchbox cutting

    Cut the side strip of an empty matchbox as shown below.PubG smoke grenade

  2. Firing mechanism

    Pass this strip through a ring and paste it. Take 4 matchsticks, 2 matchsticks to be placed on both side of this strip. Tie it using a rubber band.
    Firing mechanism smoke Grenade

  3. Mixture for smoke

    Cut the front portion/ red portion of few matchsticks, crush tic tac and use few shavings of candle. Mix these together and transfer it in a small ball.
    Mixture of Smoke Grenade

  4. Cardboard Container

    Take a cardboard roll and put 2 slits and pass an icecream stick through it. Cut the extra edges. Using hot glue gun, paste the mixture filled ball on top of icecream stick. Take another circle cardboard peice and paste the firing mechanism on it . Paste this top cover on the coardboard box.

  5. Smoke Grenade handle

    Cut 3 pieces of cardboard in this shape and paste it together, Now paste this handle on top of grenade. Grenade handle

  6. Painting

    Cover the grenade with tissue paper for the ease of painting evenly. Then paint it with green colour and write the desired things on top to give the look of grenade. painting smoke grenade

  7. Smoke grenade is ready.

    Smoke Grenade at home

Try making it at home but only in adult supervision. Do share your pictures with us on our Facebook group.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is this craft dangerous?

Yes anything which involves fire is dangerous and we recommend adult supervision for the same at all times. Pls be careful.

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