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Drop Box DIY

PUBG and Free Fire – Drop Box Making | Air Drop Box

While playing PubG and Free fire games, you must have noticed Air drop Boxes. Right!! Air Drops or Care Packages are random equipment drops that come randomly timed during matches from passing C-130s which may contain ammunition, weapons or equipment. Today I am making these drop boxes at home using paper. Must try if you love playing PubG and Free fire mobile games

Smoke Grenade at home

PUBG/ Free Fire Smoke Grenade DIY Craft

Love playing PUBG or Free Fire Games? Then you must have surely seen Smoke Grenade. Smoke grenades are actually a throwable device packed with certain chemical mixture, typically used for signalling. The chemicals mix with air to create a smoke screen that temporarily removes battlefield awareness. So I thought of making these smoke grenade with cardboard at home. Try making this Smoke Grenade at home! But please make this under adult supervision…

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