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While playing PUBG and Free fire games, you must have noticed Air drop Boxes. Right!! Air Drops or Care Packages are random equipment drops that come randomly timed during matches from passing C-130s which may contain ammunition, weapons or equipment.  Today I am making these PUBG drop box at home using paper. Must try if you love playing PUBG and Free fire mobile games

PubG Air Drop Box

How to make PubG and Free Fire Drop Boxes

Material Required:

Follow these easy step by step instructions to make PubG Drop Box at Home:

PUBG Drop Box Making

  1. Base making

    Take a square paper of size 21cms x 21 cms. Fold it straightwise and diagonally. Fold the four sides in such a way that the corners come at centre as shown below.
    Free fire drop box

  2. Folding to prepare box

    Open the 2 corners from centre so that it gives a shape of boat and fold the longest edge.
    Drop box DIY

  3. Box Making

    Make necessary folds in such a way to make a box. Please refer to video for folding method.
    Drop box making

  4. Box cover

    Take a square white paper of size 5 cms x 5 cms and fold it diagonally, length wise and widthwise. Fold the small corners as shown below.
    Drop box cover

  5. Paper Strips Pasting

    Cut thin long strips of coloured paper and paste it on box keeping the white cover on top. Paste it like gift wrapping is done.
    Pubg air drop box

  6. Air Drop Mechanism

    Take 4 threads and paste it on all four corners of drop box. Cut a polythene bag from centre and paste the other end of threads on the polythene corners.
    Free fire Drop box making

Our PUBG Air drop Box is ready. Fly it and enjoy playing with it. So try making these easy Air drop boxes and do share your pictures with us on our Facebook Group.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the other PUBG craft we can make at home?

We had made PUBG smoke grenade at home that too without chemicals. You can check out how to make it at this link.

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