How to make Beyblade Stadium at Home

Most of us love to play with Beyblade. Battling with 2 or more Beyblade is super fun but Beyblade tends to move apart from each other. So best is to battle Beyblade in Beyblade Stadium or Arena. So I have a Beyblade Stadium with cardboard ONLY. Its a simple 5 minute craft idea for all Beyblade players. Do check it out. I have also made Beyblade at home. Click HERE to know how to make your own Beyblade at home.

Homemade Beyblade Stadium with Cardboard

Beyblade Stadium Homemade

Material Required:

Follow these simple DIY steps:

Beyblade Arena with Cardboard

  1. Beyblade Centre Stadium

    Cut a circle of 11 cms radius in a cardboard and put a slit in it as shown. Join the cardboard to give slight depth in the centre of cardboard.
    Beyblade Stadium Centre

  2. Stadium Frame

    Take a rectangular cardboard piece of 30cmx 30cms. Cut a circle in center of 11 cm radius. Paste the earlier made circle in the centre of the frame using hot glue gun.
    Beyblade Arena

  3. Stadium Edges

    Cut rectangular cardboard strips and paste it in all four corners of the stadium.
    Beyblade Battle

  4. Painting and decoration

    Paint your Beyblade stadium in any desired colour and paste some colourful stickers to make it more attractive.
    Beyblade Battle Stadium

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can we make Beyblade at home?

Yes it is very easy to make your favourite Beyblade at home. Check out the detailed instructions here .

At a time how many Beyblade can battle in this arena?

The bigger the stadium, more number of Beyblade can battle in the arena.

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