PUBG Level 3 Helmet Made at home with Cardboard

I know most of you love playing games like PUBG and Free Fire. I have already made smoke grenade and drop boxes used in PUBG and Free Fire. Now its turn to make soldier helmet. Made PUBG level 3 Helmet at home with cardboard. Must try it out…

PUBG Level 3 helmet
Easy cardboard craft made at home

How to make PUBG Level 3 Helmet at home

Material Required:

Step by Step Instructions to make PUBG Level 3 Helmet:

PUBG Helmet making

  1. Visor making

    Cut 4 pieces in given shape. The size of long pieces is 17 cm x 5 cms. Paste the 2 small square pieces on big sized piece. It will look like a frame.

  2. Pasting Visor

    Take another cardboard piece of size 17.5 cms x 4.5 cms. Remove the centre portion and paste transparency sheet on top of it.

  3. Visor on helmet base

    Paste visor on helmet base as shown belowPubg Helmet Level 3

  4. Frame for Helmet

    Cut a circle according to the size of your head. Paste few small pieces in a flower shape pattern. Helmet Base

  5. Applying tissue paper to frame

    Paste paper strips to cover it completely. Then apply tape on top of it to make the frame firm. Post that apply tissue paper to make the frame more steady and also it is easy to apply paints evenly. Tissue paper on PUBG Helmet

  6. Combining Visor on the helmet frame

    Paste the visor on the helmet and then paint it. Painting PUBG Helmet

  7. PUBG Level 3 Soldier Helmet is ready

    Helmet PUBG

Try making it at home but only in adult supervision. Do share your pictures with us on our Facebook group.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can we alter the size of the helmet ??

Yes you can alter the size. Simply take the size of your head and cut the cardboard circle accordingly.

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