Ant- Man Pym Particles and Pym Disk DIY

Dr. Henry Pym originally discovered and isolated a rare group of subatomic particles, which have become known as the “Pym Particles“, which could alter the size and mass of objects or living beings. He created Ant-Man’s Suit to allow him to control his size. We all know that Ant Man uses Pym particles and Pym Disk to control his size. Today we are making a super easy craft as to how to make Ant-man Pym particles and Disk at home. Do try it out.

Ant-Man Pym Particles

How to make Ant Man – Pym Particles and Pym Disk Replica at home

Ant-Man Pym Particles DIY

Material Required:

Follow step by step instructions to make Ant-Man Pym Particles at Home:

Pym Particles DIY

  1. Coloured Water/ Pym Particle

    In a empty small plastic bottle fill water and add liquid red colour to it.

  2. Covering the bottle edge

    Cut a rectangular strip of cardboard and paste it around one end of the bottle. Cut a small circle cardboard and paste at as shown below. Similarly cover the other end of the bottle. Paste tooth picks on both the ends.

  3. Paper Mache

    On the bottle do paper mache to enable us to paint it neatly.

  4. Pym Disc

    Cut 3 pym disc and paint it grey as shown along with pym particles.

  5. Pym particles and disc are ready

    After painting, decorate pym particles with stones. Our ant-Man Pym particles and Pym Disc are ready to play with.

Do try making this absolutely simple and easiest Avenger craft idea and do share the pictures with us on our Facebook Group.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are other Ant-Man Craft we can make apart from Pym Particles?

You can try making Ant-Man Helmet with cardboard. It is fun for role playing with friends.

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