Iron Man Mobile Phone Case & Key Chain

The most Unique Father’s Day Gifts are ones made specially for him. Here are 2 Amazing DIY fathers day Gift Ideas (5 Min Craft Ideas) with easy material available at home . I made these awesome Iron man goodies – Custom Iron Dad Mobile Case and a cardboard Key chain with matching design (Unique gifts for my dad). These gift items look stunning and are very practical.

How to make Iron Man Mobile Phone Case & Key Chain at Home?

DIY Iron Man Mobile Phone Case & Key Chain
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Materials Required:

Follow these simple DIY steps to make Iron Man Mobile Phone Case & Key:

Time needed: 20 minutes.

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  1. Iron Man Mobile Cover:

    Trace a transparent mobile cover on a plain sheet of paper and cut it out. Paste all on the
    mobile cover cutout

  2. Painting the Mobile Cover

    Using paints color the cutout, Ironman Label and Mask cutout.paint the mobile cover

  3. Pasting

    Paste the Iron Man label and iron man mask that you have painted on top of the base cover.paste the iron man mask

  4. Taping:

    To secure the paint on the painted mobile cover, use tape to cover.apply tape on the paper mobile cover

  5. Iron Man Mobile Cover is Ready:

    And your Iron Man Mobile Cover is ready to be gifted.
    iron man mobile cover

  6. Iron Man Keychain:

    Cut 3 squares from cardboard for making the Key Chain and glue them together.ironman keychain

  7. Stick Tissue Paper

    To add strength, cover the squares with tissue paper.cutouts for keychain

  8. Ironman Mask Cutouts

    Cutout 2 Ironman Masks from cardboard and paste tissue paper around it.iron man mask

  9. Paint the parts

    Paint the keychain square and Iron Man Mask Cutouts.iron man keychain

  10. Final Touches

    Paste the Ironman Mask cutouts on both sides of the square. Using Compas, make a hole at the top of the keychain and insert the keychain holder.ironman keychain

  11. Iron Man Keychain

    Here you go! The Iron Man Keychain is ready.iron man keychain

Hurray, your own Iron Man Mobile Phone Case & Key Chain is ready. Try making these easy DIY at home and share your pictures with us on our FACEBOOK GROUP.

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