Mini Basketball Game with Cardboard at home

I love playing basket ball outdoors but now only option is to play indoors. So if you also wish to play indoor basketball game, check out my below tutorial, where we will show you how to make mini basketball game using cardboard at home. I simply love playing with this Mini Basketball game. Its so much fun!!

DIY Mini Basketball Game

How to make Mini Basketball Game with Cardboard

Material Required:

Follow these simple DIY step by step instructions to make Mini Basketball Game:

Time needed: 30 minutes.

Simple Cardboard Craft

  1. Basketball Stand Making

    Cut a T- shape from a cardboard piece and paint it in white and grey colour.
    Mini basketball DIy

  2. Paper cup base

    Take a paper cup and cut it into 2 parts. Keep the bottom part and join the upper part to form the base, where ball will be placed to shoot.
    DIY Mini Basketball gamecraft

  3. Basketball court making

    Take a big rectangular cardboard piece and paste the T- shaped cardboard on one end. Also paste 2 thick cardboard pieces on other end as shown in the image below.
    How to make Mini Basketball game

  4. Playing mechanism

    Take a small wooden stick and a small paper roll. Pass the paper roll through the stick and paste the stick on the 2 cardboard pieces as shown below.
    Basketball Game DIY

  5. Shooting Mechanism

    Paste the half paper cup on the T-shape to form the basket and paste the bottom part of the cup on the ice-cream stick to hold the ball. Paint the basketball court in green and white colour.
    Basketball Game DIY cardboard craft

Try making this super simple Mini Basketball game with cardboard at home and share your pictures/videos with us on our FACEBOOK GROUP.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my Homemade Acrylic Colors to Color these characters?

Yes you can

Can we make this game with paper?

No I would not suggest to use paper as paper will be very flimsy and will not last long.

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