Cardboard Shooter that Shoots

Today I have made a cardboard shooter of my own. It is a combination of crossbow and gun. And the best part is that it can shoot paper bullets continuously. The shooter is like a crossbow with a launching device similar to a bow; it consists of a bow-like assembly, mounted horizontally on a main frame , which is hand-held in a similar fashion to the stock of a long gun. So check out how I made this amazing toy gun for me using cardboad. I hope you will enjoy this one too like my other shooting weapons made earlier like Mini cardboard shooter Black Widow GunSpider man Webshooter.

How to make Shooter with cardboard that shoots

Cardboard Shooter DIY
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Material Required:

  • Cardboard
  • Paper
  • Rubber Bands
  • Fevicol
  • Eva Foam
  • Black Velcro
  • black permanent marker

Follow these simple DIY steps to make Cardboard Shooter :

Time needed: 30 minutes.

Cardboard Shooter

  1. Base of the Shooter:
    Cut 2 big pieces of cardboard as shown below. Make a paper roll and cut out a slot in it. Paste the paper roll on the 2 big cardboard pieces so that it looks like a plane. Also cut 8 small rectangular pieces and paste on either side of the paper roll.

    Cardboard crossbow

  2. Shooting Mechanism

    To prepare shooting mechanism, take a paper roll and bend it towards one end. Take 2 rubber bands and place it inside the bended side and seal the end with tape and fevicol.

  3. Shooting procedure

    Insert the rubber band paper roll into the base paper roll and stretch the rubber in the front to launch.

  4. Bullet Holder

    To make bullet case, make a cardboard case as shown below and paste the same on the base. One can make a bullet case cover with velcro as shown below.

  5. Painting, Finishing and Bullet Making

    Paint the base cardboard black and give finishing touches to gun using marker In order to wear the gun, paste Eva Foam at the base of the cardboard and staple velcro for closure at ends. . Also make paper roll bullets as shown below, for shooting.

Hurray, your own Cardboard Shooter is ready. Try making this cardboard gun/shooter at home and share your pictures with us on your  FACEBOOK GROUP.

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