Independence Day Craft – Tricolor Peacock


As you all know the importance of this day. So, I decided to make it special in my own way. Peacock is our National Bird and I thought what will be better than this to symbolize our Independence Day! Today I will be sharing fusion of Peacock and Tricolor Flag. You can also use regular show piece item not only for the Independence Day. Now let’s see how to make this easy paper craft.

How to make DIY Tricolor Peacock – Independence Day Craft

Tricolor Peacock
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Materials Required:

Follow these simple DIY steps to make Tricolor Peacock:

Time needed: 25 minutes.

Tricolor Peacock

  1. Base:

    Let’s start with the process, take a piece of a cardboard and cut it into a semi-circle.base of feather

  2. Feathers:

    Next take strip of orange colour paper and fold it in half. Draw feather design on one side of the folded paper and cut it.feather

  3. Adding feathers:

    Our feather is ready, make few more same feathers to cover the cardboard piece. Now it’s time to paste the feathers.adding feathers

  4. Covering the base:

    Repeat this process with white and green colour papers too. Arrange them according to the sequence of tricolor and paste them.tricolor feathers

  5. Peacock body:

    Now take another piece of cardboard and draw peacock body on it. Cut it out and cover the sides with thin paper strips.peacock

  6. Final touches:

    Our peacock body is ready, it’s time to paint it blue. Give few details with help of marker like eyes.peacock body

  7. Attaching body with feathers:

    At last, just paste the peacock body with tricolor feathers together with the help of hot glue gun.tricolor peacock

  8. Tricolor Peacock:

    Finally, our DIY paper Tricolor Peacock is ready! Decorate your home with this beautiful craft.tricolor peacock

Hurray, your own DIY Tricolor Peacock is ready. Try making this paper Tricolor Peacock at home and share your pictures with us on our  FACEBOOK GROUP.

What other crafts can I make on Independence Day?

You can also make tricolor wrist band with paper.

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