Cardboard Fidget Spinner – Without Bearing

Apart from Hot Wheels and Avenger Action figures, I love playing with Spinner too. So I made this very simple craft, cardboard fidget spinner. You can make the fidget spinner in different colour and sizes. Just grab cardboard and make one for yourself now. Its so much fun to play with your own fidget spinner.

Cardboard Fidget Spinner DIY

How to make Cardboard Fidget Spinner

DIY Cardboard Fidget Spinner

Material Required:

Follow Simple DIY Steps to make Fidget Spinner at Home:

DIY Fidget Spinner

  1. Spinner Shape Cutouts

    Cut out 4 pieces of cardboard in the shape as shown below. 2 shapes with holes and 2 shapes without holes.

  2. Weighing the edges

    Take plain piece, paste the two hole piece on it a plain piece. A spinner can work/ spin only if the edges have weight. So weight the edges using nuts. Paste the nuts in the holes. Smoothen the edges of spinner using masking tape.

  3. Centre Hole

    Make a hole in the centre of spinner using compass to insert tooth pick.

  4. Paint it Red!!

    Paint the spinner in any desired colour.

  5. Spinning Mechanism

    To spin the spinner, insert a tooth pick with 2 circles. Cut the extra tooth pick from both the sides. Paste 2 more circles on the tooth pick.

  6. Cardboard Fidget Spinner is ready

Do try making this very simple 5 minute cardboard craft and share your pictures with us on our Facebook Group.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the other simple cardboard craft we can play with?

One can make Beyblade, Beyblade Stadium, mini basketball court, Shooter, and many more things with cardboard. All these craft are really simple and quick to make .Do try these out!!

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